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honeymoon bargain

anflbanflb Posts: 96
i just thought i'd let you know about a place called they knocked over a £1000 off the price of our honeymoon.

I then went back to virgin who matched it !!! I am very chuffed!!!


  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    My honeymoon in two parts as going away with other half and then flying home to pick up our two children and flying out to meet friends some where else. I found that booking everything seperatly on the internet has saved us a fortune. Our second bit was originally quoted £1600, then £1100 and got it all down to £975 by doing all the leg work on the internet. What we have saved is literally our spendos.
  • MMPukMMPuk Posts: 14

    I agree that booking it seperate will save you money.

    I work in travel and have booked loads of honeymoons in the past (its a lovely part of the job).

    I now have booked my own to Cyprus and have booked the flights, transfers and hotel seperate saving a whopping £510 off brochure prices.

    If your thinking of booking it seperate have a look at for hotels.

    If you want some prices on flights or packages email me [email protected] and I would be more than happy to look for deals for fellow honeymooners!!

    I am sooo exited!!

    Sharon x

  • laurz_212laurz_212 Posts: 41
    hiya anflb how did you managed to get virgin to drop on their price? as i have seen some holdays on their website but seem to work out more than i have to spend. where are you going on your honeymoon anyway.


  • anflbanflb Posts: 96
    Hi Laura,

    another travel agent gave me a quote i knocked 200 off that and rang virgin to see if they would match it, they did but they said i had to book it there and then so be prepared. We are going to St Lucia, where do you fancy?;\)
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