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3 for 2 on Marks & Spencer wedding cakes[/b]

I was in M&S yesterday in Oxford and saw that they have 3 for 2 on their wedding cakes, which could be a huge saving for someone.

Hope this helps.x.image


  • lucywarrenlucywarren Posts: 53
    Thanks Ellyb2b - do you know if these are the ones you order from the "Food to order" catalogue?
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    I called them up to ask this and no I'm afraid not. It's only on the ones you buy from the shelf, although she told me that the offer will probably be on until Aug sometime x
  • lucywarrenlucywarren Posts: 53
    Thanks tt25777
  • A friend at work gave us a 20% coupon that you can use this weekend more than once. We bought 1xl, 2 large and 1 medium (we have 2 weddings!) and it would have cost £155 but with all the discounts we only paid £65!! M&S will reserve the cakes for you if you call up. Buy buy buy!!
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