Wedding ring prices Ernest Jones vs Hatton-Garden jewellers?

Hi has anyone purchased their wedding rings from Ernest Jones? I would like to hear about the prices and service you received.

We dont have a huge budget and my fiance would like to purchase wedding rings from Ernest Jones and I wanted to look in Hatton gardens as I wanted something engraved but not sure if Ernest Jones does this and I also thought that Hatton Gardens may be cheaper.

What do you think?



  • dippy_moo86dippy_moo86 Posts: 1,862
    I got mine from ernest jones if you look on the site they have a huge range mine was £475 but that was because i loved that ring, i think they do engrave
  • i went to ernest jones a bit ago cos they had a jewellery design day and they said it would be £740 for a wedding ring to be made to fit round my engagement ring, i then contacted smooch wedding rings and we have ended up paying £740 for mine and h2b's! so ernest jones in my experience were very expensive!!
  • charlie_27ukcharlie_27uk Posts: 237
    Go to the jewellery quarter in Birmingham, i m sure you will save a fortune..

    Failing that, going online is the way to go for bargains, and i am sure you can find what you want xx
  • We bought our wedding rings in Hatton Gardens and saved a fortune compared to high street stores. We went into nearly every shop and ended up in a shop called A&A which gave us a great discount on both our platinum rings. Good luck!
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I havent had very good jewellery from Ernest Jones, I tend to wear white gold and I have a ring thats now yellow gold! and my brothers wedding turned from white to gold, I know white gold fades but it only turns yellow gold when its dipped and I wouldnt expect a jewellers such as Ernest Jones to sell dipped jewellery so I would go with your other choice xx
  • destinyukdestinyuk Posts: 156
    Thanks everyone for your helpful advice. I do prefer 18 carat yellow gold for me, I think Ill take a look in Hatton Garden and hope to find a bargain.
  • gemmanicholsgemmanichols Posts: 227
    We're going to get ours from Hatton Garden. I want mine to match my engagement ring which was from Dubai (total bargain for an amazing ring) but it's not a standard court, flat or d-shape so I'll need to get them specially made. I work 5 mins walk from Hatton Garden so it's easy. You can definately save money on like for like there.
  • catlilycatlily Posts: 280
    I got mine form Ernest Jones & got 10% discount as my engagement ring was from there. She didn't ask for proof & i've had my engagement ring for 6 years - which I told her.

    I received very good service & got my ring for £375 - bit more than I wanted to pay but my engagement ring is an odd shape!!

    this is my wedding ring:

    This is very similar to my engagement ring:
  • rainbowgoldrainbowgold Posts: 308
    Hatton Garden is generally better as its more competitive so the prices are lower and you can barter, also especially if you are having diamonds I would go there, as opposed to a high street store as the quality of the diamonds is a lot lower. We went to Bruges in Belgium to get ours and they were about 30% cheaper than in the UK and the price paid for the trip too, and its been valued at nearly twice the price we paid, so a good buy all round.
  • jojoPMjojoPM Posts: 825
    I can speak from both sides - my engagement ring is from Ernest Jones, it's lovely but wish I'd gone to the place we ordered our rings from in hatton Garden. The guy there (Mark) is so professional and really knows his trade he was honest about what to expect from the metal we chose and gave us a really good price that was actually better than Ernest Jones. They also engrave for free and you can chose from various different designs, I would definitely use him again in the future. We are meeting him again next week to finalise our rings and he was even prepared to see us on Bank Holiday Monday as we'd booked that date by mistake but we had to insist it didn't matter. We found the service to be excellent.
  • destinyukdestinyuk Posts: 156
    Thank you everyone. I have taken a look at unique rings website and it looks really good.

    Also would anyone know what the average price for a simple 18 carat yellow gold band would be? (I will want it engraved too)
  • T50KYMT50KYM Posts: 164
    Hiya gilrs i went to ernest jones for my enagagement, after a complete disaster with my first enagement ( am on my third). The diamond fell out the first one not jsut one but twice, i was so upset and then eventually H2B flip his lid and dammded his money. When i went to Ernest jones she was so lovely and could see how upset i was. The shop assitance was lovely.

    Thank you to Catlily as might try and also get discount with purchasing the enagagement ring from there. xx
  • jojoPMjojoPM Posts: 825
    Thank you everyone. I have taken a look at unique rings website and it looks really good.

    Also would anyone know what the average price for a simple 18 carat yellow gold band would be? (I will want it engraved too)

    Amy - it will depend on what kind of weight you're after both of ours together was £450 and they're 18 carat white gold and I think yellow gold is a bit cheaper so you could possibly. This includes free engraving and any pattern they have if you want it. H2b's is quite heavy and mine is having a cut out to fit my engagement ring. The cheapest I just saw on Ernest Jones site was £210 which I don't think is particularly cheap for the high street so you wouldn't be losing anything by checking out Hatton Garden.

    I give Unique Rings my 100% recommendation, I'll definitely be going back to get any other ring in the future.
  • ginette1979ginette1979 Posts: 107
    hi If you are happy to order on line or live near darlington then I would recommend sharps-jewellers we found the rings we liked locaqlly and it seemd that alot of the jewellers stoked the smae or similar bands the make is Bien I contacted Sharps and John and Robert who I have dealt with over the phone have been fantastic and we have saved hundereds using them which is great with the cost of platinum soaring. And we got them engraved for a small fee. I wont get the rings until early June but so far I wold 100% recommend them for a fantastic services, prompt response and extremely good pricing.
  • XXXsohappyXXXXXXsohappyXXX Posts: 590

    I'm with catlily and T50KYM on this one. My engagement ring is 18 carat white gold and i haven't had any probs with it. My diamond has been absolutely fine and i can have this checked and cleaned whenever i want for no cost. The white gold is still white and i've had it for over a year now. I was entitled to a free recoating/replating when the ring was 1 year old which i had to keep it sparkly. I honestly can't fault the service that h2b and i have had. We will definately be getting our wedding bands from there as well as our 10% off!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide x
  • XXXsohappyXXXXXXsohappyXXX Posts: 590
    Oh forgot to say, they definately engrave cos we'll be having it done too xx
  • Georgia209Georgia209 Posts: 360
    Wedding rings are quite cheep really, I need a platinum one as my engagement is platinum and so cant have white gold but normal plain white gold bands aren't expensive. I'm looking to spend about 300 on a plain platinum band, htb's ring will be about 50quid as he wants a plain titanium band
  • I got mine from ernest jones but i am not fully satisfied with that. I prefer to purchase diamond ring online because there I have many options and can easily compare the prices.

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