honeymoon, swimwear worries? please help?


usually on holiday i spend the entire time worring about my body in swimwear, and i really dont want to be like this on honeymoon , we are going to mexico for two weeks. i have already started to buy lots of nice cover ups and kaftans, just wondering if anyone knew of anywhere i could get a few flattering swimsuits, that arnt completly plain?

please help?



  • Hi Mrs Dykes 2b,

    I completely sympathise with you on this issue. Thats the only thing I am worrying about. Having trawled the internet I have come across a swimsuit called a skirtini. If you go to e-bay and type in skirtini you can see them. They have plain and patterned ones and they look really good. Thinking of getting one to hide my middle drift!

    Hope this helps. Good luck, michelle:\)
  • thanks will have a look. i have spent a fortune on cover ups, but i love lying in the sun tanning as i dont burn, sometimes i wish i was pale and hated the sun so i could hide under a huge umbrella all day! xx
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    evan's do really nice tankini's with all different patterns , good support in the bottoms and in the top, then you pop kaftan over the top and when you want to lay in the sun just take it off . i'm a size 22 and self concicous but in a lovely one from evans i felt great.
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    know how you feel on this one !!

    i found some control one piece costumes at simply be

    they were in the sale reduced from 35.00 to 5.00

    they are really comfortable and flatering

    they have a gathered look waist line with a large dimonte jewl clip

    hope you find something nice;\)

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    Additions direct do some flattering swimwear and bikini tops in big sizes....im a 22 and have got a wee collection from there...also i noticed the other day that george at asda have swimwear up to a 24 now...costumes with tummy control and removable padding in the bust.....ive never understood why theres padding in the bust of big sizes!!!!!!
  • Bexie25Bexie25 Posts: 141
    i would need the padding as even though im big around the waist im not big up top im only a b/c cup lol
  • yeah i need padding as im a thin person on top with a huge belly and bum! ha! 16 top 20 bottom, weird! xx thanks for the help, evans have got a really nice costume, but i dont understand their sizes? xx
  • 100diamond100diamond Posts: 229
    try simply be.. i have bought 3 from them this year and have just come back from hol and never felt so confident inthem!(i am a 22)

    Hold your stomach in and had a small skirt attached that looked like a wrap but was sewn on the back. other one was a tankini with a skirt but with lovely diamante belt and again skirt was attached .

    would def recommend them... use them loads and always get good delivery and service.
  • Mrs mcC 2 b, i think you might have just solved my problems! i have ordered a swim top, skirt and costume from simply be just, hope they will be good, also i can have them in long length ( i have a long body) thank you xxx
  • Hiya

    I bought a Miraclesuit for my holiday to portugal last year, it truely is the best suit i've owned, it pulls you in without being painful in any way and is chlorine resistant. The only problem is that they are a little more expensive. I got mine off an american shop on ebay and it was much cheaper but was genuine image Was a swimdress too and it made me feel so much better.
  • 100diamond100diamond Posts: 229
    Mrs Dykes 2b

    you are welcome glad to help. To be honest i get most of my stuff from them... hate traipsing round town knowing most shps don't fit me!

    Off topic here but just got there new catalogue and am thoroughly enjoying picking new outfits x
  • Hi

    John Lewis has some really good tummy control swimming costumes. They are i think 45 or 55 quid, they have material that sweeps across your tummy so it hides the wobbly bits and the firm panel behind it makes your tummy shrink. They do them in blue with white poka dots - I highly recommend them - I have a red one!!
  • I often because a large chest, but could not find a sexy swimwear like when I buy my favorite bikini on dear-fashion.com later, I am so happy, my husband and I can not wait to go to the beach on vacation!

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