Hello ladies, I hope everyone is ok and enjoying the sunshine!!

I have a couple of questions for you...

Has anyone ever used these pills and if so did they work?

Also did they give you any nasty side effects?

Thanks in advance



  • MrsFerguson2beMrsFerguson2be Posts: 1,425
    They did work for me, but I would never use them.

    I got sooooo depressed on them, i totally stopped eating.

    I couldnt look in the mirror and vomited even just smelling food. The doc said it was an odd reaction but the depression i had on them was awful. a few days after stopping them i was fine.

    I tried again a month ago and the next day i just sat and cried.

    Everyones different though!
  • gemzy69gemzy69 Posts: 356
    hi aye, i used them a few years ago. Not really sure if they worked!

    You have to loose i think 5kilo before they prescibe you them, so i had done that already, no massive decrease in appetite that i noticed. maybe more of a psychological effect.

    hope that helps xx
  • spaghettiukspaghettiuk Posts: 520
    I am taking them at the mo, i used them b4 and lost 4 stone, and after having 2 more babies have put on weight and my pcos has returned so have been prescribed them again.

    there are quite a few side effects possible and depression is one of them, palpitations, nausea. i fortunately dont get these and have lost 3kg in two weeks which is about half a stone. it does also need will power but does take the edge off my appetite so i can hold out til meal times. you do have to eat healthy food too and it recomends avoiding alcohol due to the calorie content.

    I do have to see the doctor every 2 weeks and have bloodpressure checks and be weighed. im on 10mg dose but think was on 20mg the last time.

    its not a quick fix (well not for me) but does give me the ability to think before i eat, if that makes sense (i am a bit of a picker if truth be told)

    hope that helps xx
  • Becky86ukBecky86uk Posts: 931
    I have tried this and orlstat and I can say that I have found them fine. Orlstat was awful - terrible side effects and not any results. I lost a lot of weight on reductil (sibutramine) and easily. The only side effect I am having is dry mouth - but this just means Im drinking more water - which is a good thing

    I agree with pumkin - it seems to take away the urge to dive right into a meal and also - I seem not to be able to eat as much - feeling satisfied a lot earlier.

  • korkeytakorkeyta Posts: 5
    I found I was still hungry on Reductil, doctor would not prescribe higher dose. Orlstate were terrible, really bad side effects, grease discharge which stained my clothes. On 'willpower' now and the motivation is my wedding. It has helped me by telling my friends, they keep me on track. Hope this helps you x
  • staylor343staylor343 Posts: 473
    Wow you do look amazing!! Can you get them without prescription? My doctors do not believe in weight reduction tablets and I am only 3 months away from the wedding and need to drop at least a dress size!! x
  • lissylouuk1lissylouuk1 Posts: 815
    thankyou for all your replies ladies, very much appreciated to hear everyones views on this.

    Grangebex, you look stunning. thanks for sharing.

  • Hi there,
    I realise this is an old post but I would like to tell you that Reductil is extremely effective. I was on Reductil 15 mg one year ago for weight loss and it really curbed my appetite which I loved. It has allowed  me to lose a considerable amount of weight (24 kg in about 6 months). I think it is totally worth it !
    P.S. is where I got mine. Ships really fast and no prescription needed.
    Best of luck !

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