FOR SALE - Trudy Lee 59605 size 22

Hi ladies

Well Ive finally made the decision to sell my perfect wedding dress. I got married 2weeks ago and have been agonising over what to do - sell it or keep it. Decision is made and it is now for sale.

Its a part of the new 2010 collection and is Ivory taffeta, it is so stunning that I feel that it is just a waste for it to lie in the wardrobe. I paid £910 for it in April 10 to wear it in July (was very lucky to get it due to time scale) and would like £495ono. It is not cleaned at the mo but will get it done before it goes. It is in perfect condition as I only wore it for a few hours before getting changed. It has had a bustle put into it and was shortened by about 2inches but this can be undone without damaging the dress as it was the lining that was stitched not the dress itself. Also had to be taken in a fraction at the bust but again this shouldnt be a problem as Im a large busted girl and it was fine for me.

Please feel free to contact me if interested @ [email protected]



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