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terrified of first fitting

i have my first fitting of my dress on saturday and i'm so worried. i stupidly asked for it to be 2 sizes smaller than i was when i ordered it, and although i've lost weight and dropped one size, i know it's not going to fit. plus i've read that it's much harder to take a dress out than take it in.

also, i'm not sure what to do about alterations, as hopefully i'll lose more weight between now and the wedding, but they need to do the alterations now so what size do they alter it to?

finally, i've been running through the conversation we had about sizes when i ordered it, and i'm slightly concerned that she ordered the wrong size anyway! i was a size 20 and wanted it in a 16, and i remember her saying she was going to order it in a 20 and me saying no, i want a 16 and her saying no it's ok because she meant a US 20.

but a US 20 is a UK 24 - they're 2 sizes smaller than us not bigger - and i think she may have got confused and got it the wrong way around!

so basically, i'm going to try on a dress that will either be 1 size too small or 3 sizes too big! having a stress about it either way and really hoping it can be altered ok. and annoyed that i'm going to stress about it all week because it's too late to lose any more weight for the fitting and i just want to know now what the situation is size-wise.


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