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Just found my underwear!

Hello ladies

I thought I would never find underwear to fit, however Figleaves have come up trumps - cant recommend them enough!

Being a 40F I tried on several strapless bras but nothing really supported me so, I decided to try a corset. Assuming I would have the same problems, I was rather doubtful but, decided to give it a go.

Anyway, a box arrived, inside it, wrapped in tissue paper and scented drawer liners (complementary) was the Elomi Occasions corset I ordered and knickers.

I ordered a 40E as I was told that this corset came up rather large and even this reduction from F to E was still too big, so, I sent it back and ordered a 38E. By having the smaller back size it sat properly with no creasing in the lower part of my back.

I am sooooo chuffed cus I was beginning to feel like the only bride in the world to not be able to wear beautiful underwear on her special day.



  • Aww just wanted too say im glad u have found something, I am a size 18 with a 38E bra size, I have ordered a size XXL corset today from EBay which according to the chart sizing should fit......but we will see, if not i may be looking into this one so thanks!! image

  • Oooooh!! Just looked at it on the website, thats very pretty! x
  • hi it really is lovely and one i may consider myself when the time comes
  • ooo im gonna have a look myself!! Can i ask, do you have a corset dress? just dont know whether i need a corset and the corset in my dress? or if it will hurt etc?


    Kelly xx
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    that sounds great! - i have a corset in my dress so won't need another one as well as all bra corset etc is built in (and it hurts)

    i need nice knickers tho - can't find any comfy pretty ones in size 24 tho image
  • Hi all

    The knickers which match are so cumfy too for those looking for pretty knickers.

    I dont have a corset in my dress, although its laceup. If you look at Ellis 11032 on images on the net you will see my dress. Its an old style but is perfect for larger brides (I'm a size 18).

  • MrsDunksMrsDunks Posts: 1,027
    Hi Girlies!

    Your corset looks lovely! I wonder if you can help me decide on underwear too!

    I'm having a dilemma as to whether I should wear my very pretty Elle MacPherson cream and blue french knickers under my dress... or whether to wear my tummy/thigh slimming pants! Now I don't actually need these for the purpose of slimming, but my thighs touch at the top and I'm worried that under my big dress in the middle of June I'm going to get all hot and chafe!!! So sorry for being so open!

    Sooo, do I go with sexy pants but feel uncomfortable... or unsexy pants but look slimmer and don't hurt?!?!?

    Thanks! x
  • HappyMrsHHappyMrsH Posts: 336
    Hi MrsCarter2be

    Can I just ask does the Elomi Occasions corset 'pull you in and slim you down' a bit or is it decoration only? It's so lovely, I am considering it myself!

    Thanks x
  • Mrs Dunks, my advice would be wear slimming underwear during the day, and some of the night. Then slip away and change when the end of the wedding is coming up!

    If your H2B is anything like my husband, he doesn't find it sexy when I walk around in my spanx image
  • I bought this to! Size 40G, the only strapless basque that's ever been able to keep them up!!!
  • I'm having a underwear nightmare, not sure what I need. My dress is Mori Lee 5507 and has a bit of boning around the chest, but nothing down the sides (if that makes sense?) I need some kind of smooth corset I think, can anyone give me any advise?

    OP, yours is lovely. Does it squidge everything away too? Also, it is quite textured / patterned - presume you can't see / feel the pattern through your dress?
  • I am so happy to have found this thread. I thought I was weird because I was panicking so much about underwear! My dress is in the middle of being made so I won't be able to try it on properly until the end of may. I get married on 18th June and I am struggling to decide what underwear I need to buy. When I tried on the dress it was 4 sizes too big so they clipped it but it didn't sit right and the corset wasn't tight enough. I don't think I need a bra but I would like some hold everything in shorts. Does anybody recommend a brand or shop? I'm an 18 on the bottom. I think I am just worried that my dress won't be perfect and you will be able to see lumps and bumps. It's hard not having it here to try things with but it was the only shop I felt happy in so I wanted to buy from them.

    I am normally really laid back but this wedding is making me crazy!
  • sixx77sixx77 Posts: 23

    I was having the same trouble - I am a 34J and size 18, and couldn't find any basques or corsets at all in my size....then I tried on the Masquerade Tiffany basque (36G) in Bravissimo - WOW!!! It's a smooth satin corset style with hooks and eyes down the back, and best of all it is quite long line so it held in my tummy perfectly. Hubby couldn't believe the hourglass figure it gave me, my waist was teeny!!! At £55 it doesn't come cheap but I would have paid double that for the figure it gave me.

    My wedding dress was a corseted Maggie, but I really wanted to have that extra cleavage boost and a smoother line.

    I've just bought one in black, hehehehe!
  • Stupid question: Can you wear a corset under a dress that's got a corset in it? Is it comfy? I would like to do anything I can to get a good shape but my dress isn't at home to try things on with.
  • jennihansonjennihanson Posts: 70
    I came here in the same panic as some of the rest of you. Thanks for all the tips ladies! Those corsets are lovely. Once iv got my dress ill do some ordering and get the right shape. image x
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