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i have got my dress

hiya girls i have been out dress shopping and found the 1 have a look imageimageimage


  • kittykatk8kittykatk8 Posts: 74
    Wow, That is just stunning! I love the bit around the waist, so delicate but an amazing effect.

    I am still waiting for mine to be delivered and there is only just over 5 weeks to go. EEK.
  • weddingmadweddingmad Posts: 211
    thank you hun
  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536
    It's a lovely dress

    Steph xx
  • flower88ukflower88uk Posts: 1,350
    oooh is that a special day designs dress? it's beautiful!

    i'm a special day designs bride too! but i'm wearing "daffodil" i'm not sure they make it any more lol

    xxx beautiful dress choice though hun xxx
  • weddingmadweddingmad Posts: 211
    i have seen that one on there web site hun
  • soon2bmrswsoon2bmrsw Posts: 520
    stunning dress love it
  • weddingmadweddingmad Posts: 211
    ty hun xx
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