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  • pinklady1203pinklady1203 Posts: 241

    Wow!! You and all your guests look beautiful! Loving the repotage style shots too! I think its nice to have some of people laughing and having a good time in addition to the formal ones - think it brings the day alive a bit more.

    Really love your hair too - I'm having mine similar - half up half down but with curls in the bun. You look so much in love - here's to a long happy marriage to you both!! xx

  • oh pink lady, thank you so much thats a lovely response!! it was wonderful and i felt beautiful i must say... even tho i'm 26 weeks pregnant lol x

  • pinklady1203pinklady1203 Posts: 241

    Congratulations!!! I'd love a baby but as I'm only 21 my parents keep reminding me there's plenty of time yet! I'm glad you had a fantastic day, I think with all this planning we are doing, there's so much which can go wrong and I know I'm gonna be worrying if everyone is having a good time on the day! Tbh as long as you and your partner had a lovely time, thats the main thing, it is your day after all!

    I love the cheeky photos of the little boy!! There will be no children at my wedding, but if there were, I'd love one like that - looking so happy xx

  • wifey83wifey83 Posts: 151

    Amazing look your hair!!! xxx

  • weddingmadweddingmad Posts: 211

    lovely photos u looked lovely 

  • MrsFinch2012MrsFinch2012 Posts: 469

    you look beautiful, what a lovely wedding, getting me all excited about my day again now lol

    the pics of the little boy are lovely he looks like a cheeky chap lol

  • gildiusgildius Posts: 113

    stunning image

  • wow, just wow.  


    You look positively awesome and you looked like you had the most amazing day ever!


    Congratulations to you both xxx

  • 13july201313july2013 Posts: 276

    what makes ur dress? it looks like the one ic choosen image


    you loook amazing xx

  • mrs213mrs213 Posts: 148

    Such lovely photo's and you look amazing!

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