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Well, I've just made an appointment to go to my first wedding dress shop! Not going until November as I'm working most of the time between now and then but I'm really excited! Only, I remember going shopping with a thin friend and some of the shops were really snooty with us so I'm a bit scared, especially being so huge. I've decided to drive the two hours to About a Bride, a plus sized shop who seem really nice from their website. I just want to be able to actually try dresses on and not be made to feel bad. Has anyone else been to them? Were they nice?


  • Hi there....ooooh how exciting - your first fit......I haven't heard anything about them, but I reckon 80% of bridal shops are very lovely and the others...well just don't visit again! Even if they are snooty...just try to ignore it and remember the day is all about you! Do you have anyone joining you to give you some support?

    I have yet to book my first appointment - I'm still too afraid! x

  • honestly don't worry! I have found that the ladies in the dress shops are sensitive and really know they're stuff! I went shopping today and the lady was honest, steering me away from dresses that would not flatter my figure. the right dress will make you look amazing regardless of size and a good dress shop will help you choose that dress. good luck and enjoy xx

  • I haven't heard of them but I got my dress today from an amazing place in Essex that is only for plus size brides. They were all lovely and the dress were stunning. Try not to worry, maybe have a look at Curvy Couture Bridal online and that will put your mind at rest. Good luck.
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