AMORE PLUS dunchurch rugby.

OMG i love this place! its a plus size bridal shop, and the women who own it are amazing, the have sooooooo many dresses too x


  • Do not use this shop.  My partner and I are getting marrried on 11th October (two weeks time).  My partner was told in March, when she ordered her dress and shoes, that they'd never let anyone down and they always had their dresses in on time.  Months passed and the date the dress was due passed.  My partner couldn't get the shop owner to respond to phone calls.  She visited with her Mum and they were told the dress wasn't in.  Time was pressing for the wedding, so they said they weren't going to leave without a dress.  My partner picked an ex-display dress.  The shop then agreed to alter the dress and have it dry cleaned for a set date.  No shoes at all yet.  The new date comes around and again we find ourselves chasing the shop for info, we go in and finally get the altered dress back from the third party seamstress.  Minor alterations are still required - we instruct the seamstress that we'd like to see her elsewhere from the shop because they are so hard to get hold of.  We are picking up the dress this weekend (a week to go).  We are going to have to get the dress dry cleaned ourselved.  Still no sign of shoes from Amore Plus.  I am now visiting on a daily basis and the manageress is refusing to see me.  She has £65 of our money and she has not provided our shoes and isn't seeing me to provide a refund or explanation.  DO NOT USE THIS SHOP - YOU WILL REGRET IT BITTERLY!!  Lorelle - the manageress is a charlatan and a liar.  It is her job to help people with their special day.  It would seem she has set out to ruin my partner's.  My partner and I are now looking elsewhere for her shoes and I will keep chasing Amore Plus for a refund.

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