My wedding dress for sale alfred angelo 211 Disney bridal Snow White

Finally I'm a mrs!!!!! Now time to sell my beautiful dress .... Feel free to take a look Thanks xxx


  • hi i am unable to view it wont connect me what size is it please

  • found it aw to small shame lovley dress you looked stunning

  • Hi Tina it's a size 20 but I'm a size 22 in high street clothes , I don't think it would fit past a large 22 though image

    It's quiet hard to get hold of a sample of the dress in a plus size tho so if its defo something u had on ur to try list and your near London your welcome to try on for a rough idea and can allways order in from a bridal shop if it is the one !

    I called a few shops to check out thier Disney samples and they tend to be 14's which kinda sucks for us bigger brides !
  • Your dress is gorgeous and you really dont look like a sz 22 in it . Sorry to hijack your thread but i noticed u got married in cuba and was wondering if u werent too hot in a big dress . Im also getting married in cuba next october and all the dresses i love are similar to yours x
  • I got married at 4 so sun wasn't at it hottest it's strange though we had a party in a hall here 2weeks ago and I was hotter in the dress there then I was in Cuba ! I was pretty comfy in Cuba but I think if I got married at noon would have been to Hot

    The bottom of this dress is all tulle so pretty light and I had a 1hoop on which gave me a bit of air

    I wanted chiffon to start but chiffon didnt like me as showed all my lumps and bumps and where I'm short and wide wasn't a good look !

    I got married October 19th weather was lovely just missed the hurricane , what date are you getting married and which hotel ?

    It's a lovely country I carnt wait to go back and we had a magical day x
  • We go on the 3rd oct and get married on the 9th so im hoping to have a lovely tan by the time we get married. We are going to the hotel playa pesquero (?) .. Thonk thats how u spell it lol . I had a look at your ebay pics u looked lovely . Think the only thing im worried about with a big dress is that theres only me and h2b going so it wont look like a wedding its just us 2 so im thinking of having a small dress for cuba then a big dress for our party x
  • I got married at the brisas in guardalacava but know a girl that got married in playa pesqureo ?

    She loved it !

    You will have a tan by then just be careful for tan marks

    I had 14 of us for the wedding and was fab but if I could do it again I would have done it just myself , husband and the kids image its so special and ur in ur lil bubble you don't really notice everyone else!

    I loved putting the dress on during the wedding day but see some other weddings with a variety of dresses and they were all just a special In different ways !

    I think though when u find the one weather it be big or small you won't want to wear a diff dress for wedding an party lol

    Feel free to email me if you want or have any specific questions [email protected]

    Good luck hunni x
  • Thank you .. I hope our day is a fab as yours .. I cant wait image . And im sure you'll have no probs selling your dress its beautiful x
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