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Hello im looking into opening a plus size bridal shop in East Sussex area.  I would be selling bridal gowns wide fitting bridal shoes and plus size bridal underwear.  Sizes would be 16-32.   So I was just seeing if brides would like the idea of my shop.  Thanks


  • I would have taken a trip to you if you'd been open. Shoes and underwear were more difficult than the dress because the two dress shops I went to didn't do them really. I'm size 9 extra wide shoe and had real difficulty - ended up in shoes I don't really like that cost quite a bit out of sheer lack of choice

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    I'm not in your area but was very lucky to have a plus size wedding dress shop not to far from me and it was such a lovely experience knowing you could fit into every dress or near enough anyway. I was lucky to have one near by but some brides aren't. I think if there isn't any shops like this in your area then I'd go for it, I struggled for a Saturday appointment to get into mine it's that popular and I know a lot of brides will travel to go to specialized shops x

  • Indeed! I travelled a 3 hour round trip! 

  • Thanks for your replys so far. 

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