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For most people, giving a speech – any speech, for any occasion – is pretty big news. Statistics show that public speaking consistently ranks in the top 3 major phobias for the average American (and incidentally, those same statistics would also indicate that the average American is more afraid of making a speech than they are of death -!)

Even someone who considers themselves reasonably well practiced at making speeches will often quail from the very idea of making a speech at someone’s wedding. Wedding speeches are the very epitome of what’s terrifying about public speaking: not only do you have to cater for an extremely diverse audience, but the weight of expectation on you to improve the day even more is positively staggering.

So imagine all this from the perspective of the bride -! As the focus of the day, the pressure’s on to give a speech that’s warm, witty, personal, meaningful, and that complements her position as the queen of the day.

That’s no small task!

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