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What can I do about the dents in my shoulders?

I am having a little panic at the moment about the dents in my shoulders! I have them where I have been wearing a bra for so long and the weight of my heaving busom has put a dent in my shoulders.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there anything I can do about it? I am so paranoid about it that I am even considering speaking to a plastic surgeon to see how much it would cost to put right just for the wedding. Perhaps Botox or something?

I still have 500 days to go and if I am that worried about it now then what am i going to be like nearer the time?!!!! Help? Anyone? :\?


  • LKM1985LKM1985 Posts: 795
    Oooh! I have them too! I thought it was just me! I don't know what to do about them though! xx
  • jimmysmumjimmysmum Posts: 622
    i know it sounds a bit naff, but could you maybe try a sports bra, or one with a crossover or sports back, wider straps etc, just to 'shift the load' a bit from where your straps usually sit, or let em hang loose when you are at home in your jimmy jams? Don't mean to be crude, I have big un's too. I'll try and find a pic of the type of bra im on about and post it.

    on another note, what about back and shoulder exercises, or swimming? If you are exercising those muscles regularly then maybe you might get a smooth shap back? just an idea.

  • jimmysmumjimmysmum Posts: 622
    something like this i meant
  • staylor343staylor343 Posts: 473
    mmm definately worth a try- I did think about going to the doctor to see if there was anything that can be done but I think he may just think that I am incredibly vain! (I am a little!)

    I could cope with wearing a cross over bra for a year if it meant that I would have smooth sholders for the wedding!
  • jimmysmumjimmysmum Posts: 622
    i reckon if you changed bras, maybe alternated between a racing back (like in the link i put on) and say a multiway where you can have it crossover or halterneck etc to give your shoulders a break, and then did some shoulder exercises and massaged your shoulders etc then its bound to have some effect! good luck x
  • I have the same prob too and been trying to wear my strapless corset thingy to minimise any dents. seems to be working a bit but have now realised that I have rough patches on my shoulder blades off where the adjustable bit on the bra strap rubs. looks terrible when fake tan is applied....argh!! looks like its the loofah for me
  • Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely feel your pain, needing some fairly scary boulder-houlders myself.

    But. If your bra gives you dents in your shoulders it simply does not fit properly. Most of the support work of your bra should be done by the main section which fits snugly around your rib cage. You are probably wearing the classically ill-fitting bra; too big in the body and too small in the cup, and you're pulling the straps tight to get some lift.

    Go to Bravissimo or a decent department store and get yourself fitted. I used to have dents but after two years of wearing a properly fitting bra my shoulders are smooth...and I'm a JJ cup!!!
  • jemstarxxjemstarxx Posts: 628
    Hello, i read this post a fe dyas ago and have debated whether to reply or not because i felt i had nothing useful to say. I have a huge bust, i generally wear 40g from m&s but i know from the over hang-nice i know, that i should probably be an h or j cup ( i lost some weight and toned up over christmas and the fit was right then, put most of it back on as started gorging and stopped excersising but found it that it was easy once i got started so will do it again after easter so not rushing out to get new bra's) but no longer have dents.

    Anyway, when i used to wear 44 band size bra's i had the dents, now ive gone down to 40 band size and i dont get them, sometimes at the end of the day my shoulders are a little red, but no where near as bad as in the larger band size. I only changed this because i was looking into lingerie for the wedding and found that the straps are only on your bra to give you lift-not support. Since i changed my dents have gone. To be honest though i hadnt noticed until reading this post, and didnt make the link till reading english roses comment-hence not wanting to be unhelpful and say ive not got them but not be able to tell you why.

    But now i have, try going down a band size or 2, and see what happens, you must find it a bit tight around your trunk for the first fed days, but if it gets rid of your dents (i didint do it to remove the dents) its worth a try.
  • ok im not sure about dents from the bra alone..but for any women who have dents in there arms, me being a massage therapist, if you massage the areas with the dents, are usually called trigger points, that definately need massaged out. More than once, will definately help!

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  • jemstarxxjemstarxx Posts: 628
    Well, you could always try some good old fashioned big fat maternity pads under your bra straps to distribute the weight evenly, even if just for a few days before lol
  • Hi ladies: I also have dents in my shoulders. Thanks to MesMerEyes I now know they are called trigger points. I have had them for a long time now and I do not have a large bust. Usually a 36 C.


    I have wondered what to do about them. I think they look odd. Maybe I'm the only one who notices them. Mes Mer Eys says they need to be massaged. Unfortunately I don't have anyone at hom e that would do that. It's nice to know it's not just a bra fit problem.

  • BB2BWBB2BW Posts: 37

    I had this problem... Always thought it was just down to having a big bust and it meaning that the weight of my boobs would leave dents in my shoulders which was inevitable. So I went to buy a strapless bra to wear to try and give my shoulders a break in the hope it would become less noticeable. 

    I explained to the assistant (in debenhams) what I was doing and she said she thought she knew what the problem was... She measured me up for a bra and gave me some to try that were a back size smaller than I have ever worn (and I have been for bra fittings a number of times in the past and had been wearing the sized they recommended). The bras felt like they fit well so I bought some... Have been wearing them for a month or two and the dents in my shoulders have disappeared entirely with no need for wearing strapless bras or anything, they just vanished :) 

    Worth a try!? X

  • Tammy-2Tammy-2 Posts: 1

    There’s a muscle that runs across the top of your shoulder if you focus on that muscle with weights is fills in the dents .  💪🏼

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