Honeymoon read?

I am going on my honeymoon to Turkey on sunday and would like a book to read but have not seen any that appeal to me - any suggestions?


  • I would always recommend Taking the Plunge, Stacie Lewis. I read it forever ago and it is still my fav. Perfect bride book.

    Also on my honeymoon I read No 1 Ladies Detective and now I am on the third in the series.

    Failing that try the other postings - there are loads of honeymoon reads recommended.

    Enjoy your holiday! Turkey sounds lovely...
  • chabaukchabauk Posts: 115
    have you read labyrinth by Kate Mosse? It's really good, the sort of book that draws you in and you just want to know what's next.

    don't be put off by the length!
  • Moomin-mamaMoomin-mama Posts: 693
    Would definately recommend the Timetravellers Wife by Audrey Niffernegger - it's the only book that i can read over and over!
  • ooh.. I agree. Time Travellers wife is one of the best books ever.

    Shadow in the Wind is a good holiday read, so is the memory keepers daughter.

    Oh, and I loved Getting rid of Matthew - though not sure if that is really an appropriate honeymoon read - its about a woman trying to dump her married lover!
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    I've bought a few for my honeymoon but I'm already reading bits of them because I can't wait.

    I was reading the time traveler's wife before Mick stole it off me and it is really good.

    Watching the English, not a novel but a fact book by an anthropologist observing British behaviour. V funny.

    I've bought the Kiterunner's daughter although I'm wondering if it will be a bit depressing for honeymoon.

    I've bought Bill Bryson, can't remember which one, but I'd recommend any of them in particular 'notes from a big country'. It's a collection of his newspaper columns observing American culture from Britain. Belly laughs

    Other good holiday reads

    McCarthy's bar. I hate travel books but this is hilarious, Pete McCarthy's travels aroung Ireland.

    Angela's Ashes. Loved it, so funny.

    Anything by Nick Hornby (I loved A Long Way Down)

    Captain Corellis' Mandolin

    If you haven't read Bridget Jones the book is loads better than the film

    A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

    I also read We Need to talk about Kevin on holiday. I wish i hadn't started it because it isn't a holiday book, it's really dark but I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN. It's such an amazing book but perhaps not a holiday read.

    I strongly believe you should NOT take Labyrinth it is quite frankly the worst book ever written.
  • sandraoliversandraoliver Posts: 187
    Have you tried searching for books you like on Amazon and seeing the you might also like these links? Not foolproof but it can be a good way to get further suggestions.
  • I kept two Ian Rankin books from Christmas for my holiday - it was a real treat on my honeymoon cos i love his book sand could spend hours on the beach reading them!
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    I also recommend the Time Travellers wife, I've lent it to 3 people since I read it and all of them were bowled over by it, my favourite book!
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Birds Without Wings - it's based on a village in Turkey.
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