The End Of Mr Y Anyone?

I bought this book today and it looks really interesting, has anyone read it?

Its had a lot of good reviews aswell! xx


  • dendenukdendenuk Posts: 77
    I've read it, it gets quite confusing in places, wouldn't say its one of the best i've read but it was ok.
  • CLR38CLR38 Posts: 304
    I started this today, pretty good so far

    C x
  • sandraoliversandraoliver Posts: 187
    I just finished reading this. I must say I really liked it, although quite a bit of the science was over my head.
  • Hi,

    Yeah i'm nearly half way through it, i think its got a very good story line 2 the book, yeah i agree about the science in the book, some of it i understand and other bits i think, eh ??? lol x
  • goneawaygoneaway Posts: 1,676
    I've just read it and it's *brilliant* - incredibly thought-provoking and exciting. I've dabbled in some philosophy and science and I loved the way the book brought them together and posed some really interesting questions.

    So - is anyone up for a chat about the relationship between language, thought and matter?!
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