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Anyone else recently read this?

What are your views?


  • jessbearukjessbearuk Posts: 1,137
    Is it any good? I've bought it, but not read it yet. I only bought it because I read in the paper that it's set to take the world by storm and be even better than Harry Potter. Is it better than Harry Potter? I love Harry Potter and think that it would take a lot to beat it!
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    I'm intrigued now! Who's it by and whats it about?
  • jessbearukjessbearuk Posts: 1,137
    It's another kid's story which is supposed to be better than Harry Potter. It's by Stephanie Meyers and there's 4 books out at the moment, and the first film is in production. It's about (as far as I can gather so far) teenage vampires.
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    Might have to look for it to give that one a go then. Sounds worth a try. The problem is when books are compared like that they rarely measure up. I doubt that the first Harry Potter book would measure up to the most recent if somone were to read just the two of them to compare them. Plus it isn't going to be the same setting or theme.

    I've read all the HP books too BTW before the films came out, in fact I've read them lots of times.
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    It would be unfair of me to say that it's better than HP because I've only read the first one. I adore HP but it wasn't until book 4 that I really got into it. So these Stephanie Meyer books may well be better but so far I would say no.

    Enjoyed Twilight although it would never go in my top 10 list. It was just good fun and a light read. I certainly want to read the next one 'New Moon'.

    When I bought the book I never even realised there was a movie being made or there was a massive fuss about them all. I'm yet to be grabbed by the hype.
  • jessbearukjessbearuk Posts: 1,137
    I have now started reading the first, and to be honest, cannot see how it will ever compare it to HArry Potter. She's an American author, which I hadn't realised, and one of the things i love about Harry Potter is that he is British! The writing is very American. I am halfway through and not sure if I like it yet. May not continue with the other 3 books.
  • Oh I LOVED Twilight and the following 3 books!!

    I've read Harry Potter but I'm not a huge fan, I definately prefer Twilight!
  • MrsBalan2bMrsBalan2b Posts: 3,174
    Like the Harry P books, but love the His Dark Materials Triology, Should deff read them if you want childrens books that can be enjoyed by adults.
  • GalenaukGalenauk Posts: 218
    I'm hugely addicted.

    not great literature, but rather sweet.and enjoyable to read.

    and I have rather a crush on Edward Cullen. surely not dignified in a grown woman.
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    I'm with you Galena. Embarrassing really isn't it, but you're not alone. I'm about half way through the fourth book now as I got them for christmas. Also got the His Dark Materials box set.
  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Hi, I read this over Xmas hols as it was massively promoted in my local Waterstones (I'm a sucker for those marketing campaigns!).

    I thought it was an intriguing idea - 'wolf falling in love with the lamb', etc. - but the writing lacks subtlety and sophistication. I also found the female protagonist a complete 'blank'; apart from her obvious overwhelming passion for Edward, the reader does not get much insight into her personality and character. The cooking & cleaning paragraphs made me CRINGE!!!

    Perfect for a light escapist read, but to be honest it was too childish. I'm sticking with Ann Rice and Kim Newman to get my vampiric literary fix.
  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    Just finished all 4 of these books, really enjoyed them! as a huuge fan of Harry potter i was recommended them, but to be honest i ca only see one or two simularities, the first being the obvious, teeneager series, and the second being the "magic and mythical" element. Without a doubt JKR is the clear winner if it were ever a competition, te way she writes with such detail that you feel you are in the story is an amazing talent. One i felt stephenie didnt have, It was clear from the begining that she was an American authour (not a bad thing).

    However i am utterly in love with Edward Cullen! never had that from a book before! i think she captured alot of girls desire to be treated likethey were the only thing in the universe that mattered! This is what hooked me to the books! and i read all 4 in 3 days! lol, so definately more than a crush hahaha!

    I would recomend them to anyone but sick of ppl saying when i mention what i'm reading that they are the "new harry potter"

    sorry i feel i have rambled alot!
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    I went and bought all thebooks after seeing the film. So far I have read twilight and new moon and really enjoyed them both. I love the language used. I think I prefer the Harry Potter books, BUT i still have 2 more to go. Also I thought the film adaptation of twilight was far better than any of the HP adaptations to date.
  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    cant wait to watch the film now! was left disapointed with Harry Potter films, enjoyed them and i appreciate it owuld be hard for them to of included everything out of the books, bt for instance in Order of the Pheonix, the whole how the DA fell, (cho etc) was so of the mark in the film! left me confused lol!
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    I got so annoyed at the HP films ( I still went to see them all and have them on dvd). I felt they left some of the important bits out and made too much of others. I saw the film of twilight bfore I read the book, but thought both were fab.(although the film isnt EXACTLY the same as the book (Obviously)
  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    well dont think they could make Edward really gorgeous lol! and the girl playing Bella isnt what i had in my mind, where as daniel Radcliffe, is Harry Potter! I dont think they could of cast those films any better actually! I'm same as you get annoyed with films, but still at cnema to watch as soon as there out and buy dvd day its out lol! cant help it, love watching the magic come alive!

    Did oyu know stepheni meyer has 12 chapters on line of the 5th book, in Twilight series?? Its the first book from Edwards persective! not read yet as i need a break from Twilight as really obsessed at the moment lol!

  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    yup ive already read it image. I really enjoyed it, shame she prb wont finish it.

    See i loved the casting of Bella. and as for Edward at first i thought he was quite ugly, by the middle of the film i was mesmerised. (of course I had he film in my head whilst reading the book, so i guess it skews the imagination)
  • AndytailsAndytails Posts: 691
    can i throw in two pence...

    ive seen trailers for twilight and not making rush down to the shops i know a kids book i like reading which is a bit like harry potter and i cant put it down... its called magyk by angie sage....

    really good
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    thansk andytails, Ill give that a go. I wasnt planning on seeing twilight, but we fancied a night out and it seemed to be the least offensive film on to h2b and i so we saw it and i got hooked
  • ive just finished all 4 of the series within 3 days as i couldn't put them down, have hardly slept aswell lol, its not very sophisticated writing, but Edward cullen is magnetic and he draws you in completly, and i must say have now a rather large crush on him lol, my favourite is the last, breaking dawn, best by far, lots more action.
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    I thought that last book was the bestter written one, and much more of a story, more going on.

    Mrsthomas09 without giving anything away, were you grinning and cringing through the first part of that last book? H2b said I looked a bit manic.
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    thats interesting as my bm said the last book really annoyed her. Im on book 3 at the mo. too many other things going on to ust sit and read...
  • yeah i was cringing at the first few chapters of Breaking Dawn, bit too sugary for my liking, but after the honeymoon was packed with action, felt more exciting, can't wait for the film version.
  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    Stepheni Meyer has said how she doesnt think Breaking dawn will be made as dont see how they can show what Reneesme can do, But i think they will, would be silly for them to make 3 books and not do the 4th!

    I personally liked the 1st book the most, I think, Well for Edward anyway!

    Thankyou for recomedning that book, i have it on order at momen, hopefully shall come tomorow! x
  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    andytails forgot to add, is flyte and Physik in a series with magyk?
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    I started reading Twilight yesterday and I'm so glad we've had a snow day in school because I can't put it down! It's not written terribly well ( that's the picky English teacher in me talking) but I'm completely entranced and seduced by Edward. I've almost finshed it so I'll be lining up the next one soon.

    Mrs Thomas09- what honeymoon???? Does that mean what I think it does? lol
  • will bemrs yes they are the second and third books in series... fourth is queste and there is a new one being released i think in august.. would have to check my preorder...
  • gem26ukgem26uk Posts: 154
    i loved them all, i am all for the happy endings! lol, although i am also rather in love with edward, have to remind myself it is not real,
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    Happy endings? sounds good.

    Ive just finished Twilight, literally half hour ago, and i'm now desperate for the next one lol
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