we need to talk about kevin

oh my god! Just finished and there is no one around to talk to, I think I'm in shock. I can't believe it! Am v irrationally annoyed at h2b for a) being in bed and b) not having read the book yet. I need to talk to someone about the ending!!!


  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    I've been struggling with reading this book for ages, started it but finding it so hard to get into! If the ending's that effective, I may pick it up again and try and get back in to it!
  • This book is amazing! I really couldn't believe the ending! Won't spoil it for you Carly.

    Did you predict it at all? It was a total shock for me.

    M x
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    wow this was a excellent book and a fab ending, hang in there carly it is worth it i promise

  • WrighthWrighth Posts: 62
    Carly you have to keep reading! Someone warned before I started the book to keep going past the first couple of hundred pages, it gets sooooo good after that!

    Melanie I can't say I predicted how it would end, I did realise where we were going about 10 pages before it happened but I think that was only because she was totally building up to it. Looking back I should have realised so much sooner.....
  • Yeah I felt really silly I hadn't realised earlier as there were so many clues. I went back and looked for them after I'd finished.

    I have to say tho I did feel physically sick reading it. I think that shows how well its written, that it can affect you like that as a reader. Wish I could write!

    M x
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    I LOVED it - if you can say that about a very sad and disturbing book...

    and like Strawb - I knew what was going to happen before the end but only just before... and it should have been obvious.

    An excellent book - I love books that can move you in such strong ways.

    Mrs P

  • jacksukjacksuk Posts: 215

    Yes, keep reading Carlyc. I thought exactly the same at the beginning - it felt like she was using big words and writing techniques for no reason but the book is SOOOOOOO good!! Very scary but good.

    Jacks :\)
  • WrighthWrighth Posts: 62
    Has anyone read A Million Little Pieces? Was recommended to me by the same friend as Kevin, but I found it really distressing and difficult and had to put it down. Just wondering now if I should go back and give it another chance?
  • Ive read that too, think I might have the same taste as your friend! I liked it but found it quite disturbing. Think I was about half way through before I finally got into it. I would recommend trying again.

    M x
  • WrighthWrighth Posts: 62
    No bad thing Mel, my friend has impeccable taste! Will definitely give it another shot then, cheers, think I might need something a bit uplifting inbetween though! SS x
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Oh no! I've lost my book, but after reading your posts I really want to read to the end!
  • NandBumpNandBump Posts: 1,369
    i really struggled to get into this but was def worth persevering with, the ending was fab. I found the mum really bloody irritating though which is why i found it so hard!!!!!

    would def recommend it

  • Hello,

    Just found this post by accident. Glad I did, I started the book ages ago but I was reading about half a page a night really couldn't get into it. Maybe I will finish it if it has a good enidng.

  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    I wouldn't say the ending is good!! But you'll definitely have never read a book like it.One of the most disturbing, riveting compelling and unnerving books I've ever read- it totally affected me whilst I was reading it, felt really down and even had a terrible nightmare about my h2b as he's also called Kevin!! Very appropriate reading with all the threads about not having kids at the mo
  • MJW2bMJW2b Posts: 241
    Ive had this book since christmas (it was a present with someother books ) but havent got round to picking it up yet it was just stuck in my cupboard after reading this though I will make it the next one I read!
  • MrsLynch109MrsLynch109 Posts: 421
    OMG i loved this book....it was hard to get into but i took it on holiday and had nothing else to read...it's fab! What an ending - i'm surprised i didn't get it although i knew something was up.

    if you're struggling to get into it - persevere - after 100 pages it gets much better.

  • starra29starra29 Posts: 326
    this book is so unsettling and thought-provoking...it made me feel sick and cry and everything! I don't think I could ever read it again though!
  • I agree - I felt quite traumatised after finishing this book! Have just lent it to Mum and told her to brace herself!
  • otsarahukotsarahuk Posts: 141
    it's so seldom I give up on books, but I struggled so much with Kevin that I had to. Got bout 200pg in. Mayb shud give it another shot?
  • yazzydooyazzydoo Posts: 57
    Sounds gripping, must give it a try.
  • PigsbumPigsbum Posts: 149
    I have read this and I enjoyed it if that is the right word, I didn't guess the end at all and was quite stunned.

    I have also read American Psycho and found that very hard, it made me feel so sick I had to stop reading a few times especially when he kills the dog.

    I have just finished reading 19 Minutes by Jodie Picoult and it is about similar theme as well but no where near as dark and disturbing.
  • smooflesmoofle Posts: 339
    I've read this about four times... I love it. Absolutely chilling.
  • jules-xjules-x Posts: 458
    so glad I happened upon this thread, I started this book and then read another one called "what came before he shot her" also very good. My sis in law read kevin as well and encouraged me to get back to it so on me day off so afternoon of drinking tea and reading ahead of me. Also read"a million little pieces" and loved that book, just amazing. I read a lot of crime books that are very graphic and immerse myself in a different world. Have another book upstairs to read...If I am missing or dead....anyone started it?x
  • misslocketmisslocket Posts: 686
    I found Kevin very compelling but unsettling... like I had to turn the page but doing so filled me with dread for what was coming next. Thought it was amazing. As for American Psycho, I have read it but wouldn't again, a bit graphic for my taste- and when the film came out, I definitely had no desire to see all the terrible things i'd pictured played out on the big screen!
  • AimoffAimoff Posts: 616
    Arghhhhhh now i have to read it!! I like so many others gave up too easily and must get back to it!
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    I think this is the best book I have ever read. I read it about 2 years ago and I walked around in a daze for a couple of days when I finished it. I was on holiday with Mick at the time and I made him read it too so I could talk about it. I reckon we spent 3 hours talking about it.

    What did everyone think about it? Did he do what he did because of her parenting? Or was he evil? Did you like Eva?Did you like anything about Kevin?
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    amazing book! I've always believed you are born with a great deal of your personality already formed and this book deals with the nature nurture debate brilliantly.

    Shocking ending and unputdownable!
  • notlongnownotlongnow Posts: 24
    I read this book too- I couldn't put it down after I got through the first half. I talked to my fiance after every chapter I read, he it got to the point where I was reading it to him, and he's not into books- he was asking me 'what the latest update with Kevin' is!

    I totally agree with you jogem- the first part of the book completely sets the scene for the nature/nuture debate and provides all the clues as to why Kevin and Eva turn out the way they do.

    I cried at the end, and was tootally shocked- I didn't see it coming. I had to reread it 3 times as I couldn't believe it. My fiance had no idea what was coming either.

    Great book- you must read it!
  • ladybradyukladybradyuk Posts: 2,002
    Ive not read this book. Is it the same Keven from 'a child called it' and that series because I love those books?
  • No ladybrady, i don't think it is - are they not the Pelzer family books? We need to talk about kevin is fictional 9 i hope!!), but well worth the read in the end. x
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