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The Bookseller of Kabul

I highly reccomend this fantastic little book by ?????sne Seierstad - it was beautifully written and terribly poigniant. It is about life for normal people living in Afghanistan and it really opened my eyes - there is also a wonderful account of an Afghan wedding which I was especially interested it! A great book of honeymoon as it is quite short and can be read chapter by chapter - so hubby will get a look in every now and again! Some of it is quite heavy going - there is lots of history and politics which I am ashamed to say I know very little about (The Taliban, Russian Invasion, Old Persia) but the stories are wonderful and I became so, so attached to the characters I didn't want to say goodbye to them at the end of the book!

Has anyone else read it?


  • Thanks vellage! I've had it on my 'books to read' list for a while - since I read the Kite Runner and One thousand splendid suns and decided I wanted to learn more about the history of Afghanistan. If you haven't read either of those two, I definitely recommend them. I'm going to move the bookseller of Kabul up my list now!
  • fitnessfifitnessfi Posts: 399
    I'd second this book. A brilliant read, couldn't put it down!
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