New here. Anyone want to do a Manchester FUN book club?


I have been on this site for 7 months and completly ignored this forum as I assumed it was wedding books.

I am a bookaholic, get through 2/3 books a week and its one of my fave things to talk about but none of my friends are big readers!.

I have joined book clubs before but they felt pretentious, 1 guy compared EVERY book to Virgina Wolfe

I would like to set up a fun book club in Manchester reading good (but not all pretentious books) In a bar glass of wine etc

Please email if interested!

Just to give you an Idea I loved;

Time Travellers Wife

Twilight Saga

American Psycho

Wuthering Hights

Shopoholic Series

Anything by Marian Keys

The Kite runner/ land of a thousand suns

Catch 22

Louisa Elliot

and many many more


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  • gempop1gempop1 Posts: 34
    I'd be up for that! Out of your list I LOVED the time travellers wife. I loved it so so much that I was frightened to watch the movie at first in case it was a huge let down! In the end I watched it on the plane on a long night flight - and was relieved that most people were asleep and didn't see me blubbing my eyes out!

    Read about half of your list and am now tempted to try some of the others coz u sound like u like similar books to me.
  • hey, im not sure if you got my email or not, but id definitely be interested in a fun book club in the Manchester area. lol i was really annoyed when i read time travellers wife as i didnt notice on the front cover that my copy had the first few chapters of another book at the end, so when i got to the end i though i had loads left to go, cos there was loads of book left, and i was all confused and got all upset that it was suddently over after id been expecting a few more chapters. lol silly dope!

    Brilliant book though, i loved it. i need to watch the film, we have a copy to watch but im the same and am worried ill hate it. I shall give it ago though as i have heard good things about it.

  • tam27uktam27uk Posts: 600
    Hey thats 3 of us! is that enough? i am up for it.

    Let me know, also what area's of Manc do you live? so we can find somewhere central.

    I am in Didsbury but work city centre. xx
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