Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer

Finished reading this last night, was holding out finishing it because I didn't want the Twilight series to end image not sure what to make of this book, just wondered what everybody elses thoughts were?

Did you want Bella to become a vampire? Did you feel bad for Jacob? Did the scene with the Volturi feel a bit underwhelming? Did Edward feel less of a character in this one? What about Rennesmee? image :\?


  • I have loved the whole Twilight saga but i have to say that the whole Renesmee thing did bug me a bit and it got a bit happy-clappy at times lol! I secretly hoped that Bella would have a fling with Jacob while she was still human cos he's so fun and less serious than Edward (even though I love him too - I'd be as torn as Bella!!) I'm currently reading the whole series for the 3rd time, it's quite an obsession!!

    I agree with u about the Volturi scene being a bit underwhelming, it could have been a lot better! Still really liked it all though...

    Have u read Midnight Sun, the partial draft??? OMG I loved it!! Twilight and it were the best ones of the series!
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    I agree, don't get me wrong I really enjoyed it but it wasn't my favourite of the series. I don't mind Renesmee and I kinda guessed the Jacob thing was going to happen but only cos my mind always works overtime in books and I was trying to work out how they were going to wrap it up for Jake as he was getting a bit of a raw deal really didn't he bless him.

    I've always been a team Edward person but I still love Jacob. In this book though I found Edward a bit of a weak character (well in the middle bit at least). I know he was upset and all as you would be but to say he's supposed to be this kick bottom vampire he was a bit of a mess and I would have liked him to have been a bit stronger and reacted differently in places.

    All in all though I love the Twilight series, I have never been so obsessed by a book as I was with Twilight 1...or all of them for that matter but I have reread the first one a million times and am now in the middle of Midnight Sun which I am also loving.

    I really wish she'd finish it though! It's such a shame it got leaked and she chose not to finish it!!
  • LittleMissQuinn i was secretly hoping Bella would get together with Jake too!

    Yes I read the partial draft of Midnight Sun....loved it! I think she has decided to finish and publish it after all though? Those lovely people at Amazon e-mailed me today to ask me if I would like to pre-order New Moon on DVD it's out on the 22nd of March woohoo!!

    Have decided to re-read all the Twilight books again now, just have a few days back to back!

    Would it be really sad to have a nice quote from one of them as a reading at the wedding :\) ? xx
  • I really enjoyed the Twilight series but I felt that Breaking Dawn ended quite badly, I felt left down with it after how good the endings in the previous books were. It's almost as if she got fed up of writing and just though "Oh I'll do this and then it's over and done with" Saying that I have re-read the series twice!
  • I personally was glad that Bella became a vampire as it was nice to see things in a different perspective and for her to be a stronger character i think.

    I didn't mind the Renesmee thing, although it did get a bit much at times.

    I too am a Team Edward person and would have been so upset if Bella had ended up with Jacob. But i also wanted him to have a happy ending which he seemed to get.

    I wish the face off with the Volturi had been a bit more dramatic.....maybe if Bella had got the hang of her shield a little later so there was a bit more action to start with. But i have to say i'm glad none of the Cullens died as i love them all! I wish Alice & Jasper had been in the book more as i love them!

    I am so upset they are over and really hope she finishes Midnight Sun as the bit i read online was excellent - i loved reading the story from Edwards perspective!

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