Jodi Picoult

HI. Just wondering if there's any Picoult fans out there? I was introduced to her books last year and have read everything I can by her since. Her new one 'Nineteen Minutes' is another great read; although my favourite is 'Perfect Match'.


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    I love her!

    Haven't got the new one yet... Oooh, there's something I could do today... Not that there's a bookshop anywhere near me...

    I liked Plain Truth and Keeping Faith. But I've got the hardback of Keeping Faith, and it's so big I don't read it very often!
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    I really liked those teo novels too Jem-TrulyOutraeous; although I was expecting a different ending for Keeping Faith! I got her new one in WH Smiths last weekend and it was half price- not sure if it's still on offer but you might want to check there first?
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    That may well be my plan for Monday, as my h2b are venturing into the big, wild world. Tesco do good deals on books too, so I'll try there as well!
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    i like jodi picoult altho perfect match was a bit sad. i like salem falls & the pact.

    have just got the tenth circle but not read it yet - is it any good?
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    I liked 10th Circle, but it was different.

    Didn't like Salem Falls so much, but I only read it once. I read quickly (bad habit) so I often have to read books a few times to pick out all the details!
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    yeh i read quickly too - h2b thinks i'm crazy as i get through books so fast!

    out of all her books i have never been tempted to read my sisters keeper - is that any good?

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    First one I read, I cried my eyes out.

    My Grandma read it recently, she put it off for ages because my Grandad died of leukiemia, and she cried buckets too.

    But having said that, I love it, it's beautifully written! And my Grandma enjoyed it too, it just hit a bit close to home!
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    okay i'll buy it then.

    sorry to hear about your grandad.

    it's good to hear a book is good before you buy it. i hate it when you buy books randomly and they turn out to be rubbish. i always have to read them to the end if i'm hating them or not - just to see if it gets better or not.
  • jemmajemjemmajem Posts: 1,439
    I mostly have to do that, but if a book's really bad I will stop completely. I try and go back to it a few months later though, to see if my opinion has changed.

    My grandad passed away about 4 years ago now, but he and my grandma could tell you the exact number of days they had spent apart from each other - it was something like 68 days and they were married for almost 40 years! Got to admit, that's the type of marriage I want!!
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    The only one I wasnt keen on was salem falls but love love love all the others.

    Not got the new one yet Ill hopefully get my mitts on it this week

  • I loved perfect match and I loved the twist at the end also liked the pact i cant wait to read her new one image
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    I LOVE Jodi Picoult although every time i look in tesco there's another new book on the shelves. i can never keep up. I have just bought Tenth Circle. The first book i read was Salem Falls which was one h2b bought me for Christmas 2 years ago and since then haven't been able to stop reading her, My favourite book, although quite sad is My sister's keeper, but i've also read, Keeping Fatih (brilliant!) vanishing acts, and the pact (also my favourite). they can be quite indepth though and sometimes i find the Then and now bits really annoying cos she stops halfway through telling a goodbit to tell you what happened in the past and im like No, not yet, i need to know what happens next!
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    I'm like that too J C. I usually end up reading for hours at a time as there's always something I want to find out before I put it down! I enjoyed Tenth Circle; the puzzle she included was unusual but it took me ages to find the hidden letters to make up the quotation!
  • brilliant books!!!

    Just finished the one about the amish - cant remember what it was called LOL but it was great!

    My fav is My Sisters Keeper though - it made me cry!!!
  • I enjoyed Plain Truth and My Sister's Keeper - except I wasn't keen on the whole "independent career woman/ man meets her/his match and gradually revelas her/his sensitive side" sub-plot - do all the other books have that too? Thought it was predictable and a bit boring.

    Also (I am perfectly prepared for all the abuse that will shortly be coming my way for voicing this) American authors drive me round the bend in large doses, so I had to read in bite-size chunks! Does anyone know what I mean?

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    nope. not really. well kind of. in a way. there is certainly a difference in the style of writing, i mean if read someone like cecila ahern and then jodi picoult the style is completely different, but it doesn't annoy me. i think it depends on the author. tenth circle isn't really like the independent career woman/man meets his match. i would recommend you read keeping faith. that's quite different. i loved that.
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    I've only read Salem Falls and was pretty impressed, if the others are better I'll definitely get some more. Have just bought The Tenth Circle, can't wait to read it now! x
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    Jodi P's fab isn't she? I've not read Tenth Circle, but as i work in a bookshop i get proof copies all the time!! One of the best bit sof my job - read 19 mInutes just after Xmas! x
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    i also like jodi picoult. once i start reading i can't put them down. so before i know the day has gone! i have read all of hers. my sisters keeper is definately one of my favourites and it ceratinly makes you think!!
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    i've just finished the tenth circle. i bought it after seeing it advertsised on tv & really glad i did. i have a tendency to stick to the authors i know & not try new ones, so i'm glad there was an advert to encourage me to try her books.

    i've since bought 3 more because they were on offer in whsmith (3 for 2), & i'm just reading salem falls at the moment.

    so far i'm enjoying her stuff.
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    I've read all her books except nineteen minutes. Will have to go and buy it over the weekend.
  • BallstoyouallBallstoyouall Posts: 766
    Thanks JC - will definitely give Tenth Circle a go.
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    I love Jodi Picoult's books too, although haven't read The Tenth Circle and the other new one. I've drawn a blank on which one Perfect Match was cos I've read so many of them - is that the one with the little boy / abuse / mum is a lawyer plot??? Pink Toothbrush - I kind of know what you mean about American authors (particularly American female authors) but can't quite put my finger on it. I just know that I've been reading books by British men recently and when I read the next Jodi Picoult it'll take me a while to get used to the style. I feel the same about Alice Sebold and Anita Shreve although I love their books.
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    Really interesting to hear a few people didn't like Salem Falls. I finished reading it last night. I took ages to read the first third of it and then the pace picked up and I tore through the last two thirds. I loved it, I really enjoyed watching the girls stories unravel.
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    i've just finished salem falls. i found it quite hard to get into to be honest, i didn't 'fall in love' with the characters. by the end though i couldn't put it down.

    i'm just reading perfect match now.

    with the 2 i've read so far, i've predicted the twists. does anyone else find this with her books?
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    I've just finished my first Jodi Picoult book - My Sister's Keeper. Thought it was heartbreakingly, devastatingly brilliant.

  • Snap Black-Rose! I too have just finished My Sister's Keeper.

    An amazing story, so well written.After reading all these great reviews I'm gonna read some more JP. x
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    My Sister's Keeper is definitely her best - i've read most of the others and have had a gap now as I got slightly fed up with them all being similar in certain ways - there's always a court case and usually a side love story going on! But the main plots are brilliant and I can't put them down.
  • My sisters keeper is my fav book but i loved the tenth circle. It was so different and i enjoyed the whole dantes inferno thing. I thought that Salam Falls was ok and Perfect Mach was disturbing. I hate abuse books.

    I cant wait to see the movie of my sisters keeper.


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  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    When is the movie out ? I hope they do it justice.



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