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Who else loves Cecilia Ahern?

I have recently finished IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW and I highly recommend the read!

Think she's FAB!



  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    I have recently finished IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW and I highly recommend the read!

    Think she's FAB!

  • i have to say i found that book quite slow to get in, but once i fully got into it i thought it was brill. i love her style of writing... although not sure i would want to re-read 'the gift' as it got confusing in places :/
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    I've just finished The Gift. I didn't think it was a patch on PS I love you or Where Rainbows End.

    I've also read Thanks for the Memories which was only OK and A Place Called Here which was downright bizarre.

  • Quoted:
    I've just finished The Gift. I didn't think it was a patch on PS I love you or Where Rainbows End.

    I've also read Thanks for the Memories which was only OK and A Place Called Here which was downright bizarre.

    Completely agree with this! I loved PS I love you and Where Rainbows End. I am reading A Place called Here now and it is really strange. Not sure whether I am enjoying it or not!!
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    I enjoyed it in the end but it was a very strange subject.

    I suppose everything and everyone has to be somewhere. When you misplace something and then find it again you say'it's here' Here is where all the lost things are.

    If this is the case then Here must be filled with my daughter's odd socks.
  • awww, i love a place called here, i always think of it when i lose things and like to think they may be in a new home getting enjoyed by some poor lost person (at the moment my sally hansen diamond strength is making someone else's nails beautiful and strong whilst mine break back to shortness, boo!)

    I cant remember the name, but i love the imaginary friend one too!

    PS i love you is great, but unfortunatley i made the mistake of watching the film first and its one of the rare occasions when i actually enjoy the film more than the book.
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    Oh you can't be serious - the film is terrible. I refuse to watch it. The only thing that is the same is the title.

    Is the imaginary friend one called If You Could See Me Now ? I've not read that.

  • not seen the film - they often ruin the book!

    Yes it is Black-Rose brill book, well I think so x
  • awww, no i love the film! i think it tells the story brilliantly. i need to watch it again actually as i haven't seen it since the cinema and bought it awhile ago in the sale xxx
  • I've read "PS I Love You", "A Place Called Here", "The Gift", "Where Rainbows End", "Thanks for the Memories" and "If you could see me now" and loved them all!! I think my particular favourite was "Where Rainbows End". I think Cecelia has a brilliant quirky style.

    I saw "The Book of Tomorrow" online - not heard of this one - anyone read it and thought it was good??
  • I adore Cecelia Ahern. I love the way her stories are almost like fairytales for grown-ups. Each one is magical in it's own way.
  • Melissa86CMelissa86C Posts: 571
    i've read all of her books, just recently finished 'the book of tomorrow' and if was fab! i've gotta say i thought the film of PS i love you was rubbish!! but wud highly reccomend all of her books image
  • PrincessVajPrincessVaj Posts: 503
    me me me me me me me I LOVE HER

    Also love Sophie Kinsella - good old Shopaholic books!! x
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    I need to buy more shopaholic books I only have two. I so identify myself with Becky.
  • SneakybSneakyb Posts: 1,252
    I've just got the new book by her. I really like her books because obviously they are no exactly great literature but are a great break from reading scientific journals - which I do all day!
  • I loved P.S I love you!! (totally pants film though!)

    I have read all her books in the hope of recapturing the same feeling as her first novel but have sadly been disappointed. Her second one - with all the emails and letters? (cant remember the name of that one) was quite quirky and different but the rest are too weird for my liking. I think she has the right concept for her storied but her style of writing is very daydream like. I found it hard to her books seriously - but think they would be great for older children to read. 'The gift' was certainly the worst and I failed to see any coherence in the plot.
  • MrsPudney2bMrsPudney2b Posts: 202
    i love her happy to c im not the only one.i agree,the gift wasnt great,i didnt get it but the rest have been brill. I clo love marian keyes.she has me in absolute stitches.
  • I have read all of her books except "the gift" and loved them! Favorites are PS I love you (although the film is awful! Why bother if it is going to be nothing whatsoever like the book?!, Where Rainbows End and The Book of Tomorrow.
  • mojo2001mojo2001 Posts: 3,511
    i loved ps i love you

    i started reading if you could see me now but i just couldnt get in toit so i gave up and moved on to the book of tomorrow which im two chapters into atm

    i also love the shopoholic books just finished reading shopoholic and baby great stuff and so funny
  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976
    I adore Cecelia Ahern!! I love the way she writes, it's so refreshing to find something different! I absolutely devoured each book. It took a week for me to read the 5 books I have, although i don't yet own Ps. I Love you or the Book of Tomorrow. I love where Rainbows End, but I think it's because it reminds me of a dear friend and myself. I've been passing round my books to everyone I know because I know that they are so enjoyable and everyone wants to read them!!
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    I have seen the film and read the book of PS I Love You, and loved them both! I haven't read any more of her books though, which would you recommend?
  • i have read most of her books and i loved them all, my favourite book is "P.s i love you", makes me cry every time, although i did not like the film of it in my opinion nothing like the book!

    "A place called here" was a bit hard to get into, aswell as "If you could see me know" but well worth it if you stick with it. I also loved "The Gift" it made me cry!

    "The Book of Tomorrow" is also a really good book, well written funny and sad in equal measures. Any of her books i find i can re-read and each time i do i love them all over again image
  • jilly15ukjilly15uk Posts: 305
    i think i may have nearly every single cecilia ahern book, my first was p.s. i love you, i wanted to read it before i watch the film and was so not disappointed, the film was not as good i thought.xx
  • I have all her books... I agree with some of the comments on here but they are great for escapism from every day life x
  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976
    Mrs Maggs - i would recommend The Gift first. That's the one I started with but it was only because I thought it would be the most difficult to get into, but i found it really enjoyable, so it may be a good one to start with, especially as it's more "in tune" with everyone's day to day situations ie. trying to be in two places at once.

    Or I would try " If you could see me now".. It's a "grown-up fairy tale" and when I got to the jinny joes part, it felt very real because they were actually flying around me while I was sat there reading it! (you'll see what I mean maggs)
  • Bride1983Bride1983 Posts: 26
    I love her books too and I am saving the one I haven't read to take on honeymoon!!
  • amythystukamythystuk Posts: 190
    I like Cecilia Ahern but didnt enjoy 'a place called here' as much as the others.

    I also love the shopaholic books, and the others by her, remember me, undomestic goddess and twenties girl. I really liked remember me. Can't wait til sept when the new shopaholic one comes out ' mini shopaholic'

    Are you aware Sophie Kinsella has also written under the name Madeleine Wickham? They are fab too, think there's 7 or 8 of them.
  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976
    amythyst - did not know that sophie kinsella writes under a different name, thanks for the info..I love all her books too..

    I think i should recommend the wendy holden series starting with "simply divine". I found these to be an enjoyable read!!
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