Jean M Auel

I'm currently re-reading the Earths children series (starts with Clan of the Cave Bear and ends with Plains of Passage) and just wanted to recommend it to everyone!

It's not my usual kind of read, i go mostly for james patterson type books.


  • Hi,

    I read Clan of the Cave Bear and whilst it took me a few chapters to get into it, after that i could not put it down! It was excellent!

    I haven't read the others but would defo recommend this one.

  • Hi nowawife (congratulations i presume? image ) I have read all of the Cave Bear series a few years ago and thought they were fab! Think they have been on the go for quite a few years? It was my mum who told me I should read them, was a bit surprised when I did read them because there are some rather raunchy bits! image x
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    They are looovely, as an archaeologist I really enjoy them, very carefully researched! Read the Valley of Horses first aged about 14 and was blown away by the raunch!!! You do know there is the Shelters of Stone book now, and another to come?
  • I read them years ago and loved them, been waiting so long for the last book which is finally going to be released next year!
  • ooohhh i didn't know there were more??? i'm still ploughing my way through plains of passage and once again loving it!

    yes, the raunch is enough to make you blush sometimes (actually a lot) but they're all the same so i do tend to brush over them a bit!
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    yeah, the sex scenes are very samey- I think even she is getting bored of them now and has started skimming "and he made love to her half the night" which made me giggle in the last book.

    Is the final book really coming next year? I haven't been able to find anything out about it! xx
  • I've just started to re-read Clan of the Cave Bear for about the 4th time. I just love her books!
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