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Any1 read the TRUE BLOOD Novels ? (Sookie Stackhouse books)

Are they any good???

I have been watching True Blood and it's interesting. Still prefer Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries though.

Just wanted to know if this series of books were any good?


  • tishgtishg Posts: 106
    Are they any good???

    I have been watching True Blood and it's interesting. Still prefer Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries though.

    Just wanted to know if this series of books were any good?
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    I've read the first one and enjoyed it. It's nothing highbrow but a fun read.
  • veganvixenveganvixen Posts: 385
    Me! I'm working my way through the series and am currently reading book 7, All Together Dead. I love it, it's great escapist fiction. The TV series doesn't always stay true to the books, but I'll not give anything away... I can't wait to see the TV series do some of the storylines and characters... image
  • sasha_wiresasha_wire Posts: 197
    I'm also working my way through the books. I loved the Twilight series and i'm loving the Sookie Stackhouse series so i'd suggest you give them a go. In fact if you go on the book people website you can get 8 of the books for under £9- bargain!!!

  • tam27uktam27uk Posts: 600
    Just on the 2nd book, the first was great- quite a raunchy read after reading 4 twilight books before any sex!
  • The are AMAZING, I'd say read them, especially if you like True Blood. I read all of them in just over a week, book 4 is particularly good!x x
  • I'm just reading book 1, I'm struggling to get into it though compared to other series I've read like Twilight etc I'm about halfway through, I'm hoping that soon I'll get into it and won't be able to put them down!

    I got them for £9 from thebookpeople too image
  • loops26loops26 Posts: 112
    I've read all of them, and really enjoyed them, if you like the TV series and Twilight you will love reading the books.

  • I love these books. Gotta love a bit of vampire sexy time.image
  • i have read all the books and they are great, i would say much better than vampire diaries.

    And a lot different to Twilight.

    Book 4 is def my favourite.

    The characters in this are a lot more better than in twilight, i have read the whole series twice and still love them.

    My fave series at the moment

  • kethryukkethryuk Posts: 106
    I've read them all up to date so far lol, they're quite quirky and lighthearted, and Sookie is a lot more sarcastic and fun when you read the books. The tv series, like a lot of these style series, gets altered quite a bit, to make it fit their idea of what it should be. I'd definitely recommend giving them a try.

    If you like this sort of genre others i'd recommend are Laurell K Hamilton, Kelly Armstrong and Sherilyn Kenyon.
  • kethryukkethryuk Posts: 106
    p.s. if you like the adult content of these books, try Charlaine Harris's Merry Gentry/faerie princess novels too.
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    These books are amazing and my new current obsession - oh Eric... *sigh*.

    Read them, they really pick up from book 3 image
  • Hazel85Hazel85 Posts: 374
    Lol, Munchkin 30 - glad I'm not the only one who thought he put in a stellar performance on last night's show - wasn't a particular fan before, but my head has been!
  • LydiaB2808LydiaB2808 Posts: 389
    Am currently on Book 1 and thoroughly enjoying it. It reads exactly as you would watch the series which is odd really and for me is taking some getting used to... but all in all am enjoying.
  • chilly_22chilly_22 Posts: 37
    Got hooked on these after getting addicted to Twilight ... I think I read all 9 books in about 2 months ! and cant wait for the 10th one to come out this month ! Shame the tv prog didnt stick to the books but it is just as good as

    twilight will always be special in my heart - the story is lovely, and I would just love Edward or Jacob to be real ha ha

    not read the vampire Diaries yet ... have read the Immortal series by Alyson Noel - they are good (more teen fiction) at the moment reading the secret circle by L J Smith - very spooky.

  • They are brilliant books! I liked the way it quite quickly moved away from the TV series so it wasn't just the same stuff over.

    Oh BTW. Twilight books were the big pile of crap ive ever clapped eyes on!
  • postscriptalexpostscriptalex Posts: 1,069
    LOVe them! Finished all of the ones that are released so far!

    Kind of gutted now i've seen how good the books are that the series doesn't stay true to them!

    A bit raunchier in Twilight and quite a bite more 'serious and and adult' but still fun reads

    *swwons over Eric the Viking* lol image

    Although I wouldn't mind Dr Cullen either lol!

  • read all the books too! even had a sneaky read of new book thanks to a friend,series is good think it has to change to keep people interested.

    Also if you are watching vampire diaries the books are completely different, prefer the series on tv 100% more.

    Also if you like the true blood books read the harper connelly series they are also really good
  • About to read book 4 and so far have not been able to put them down!!! LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM
  • mrsbober2bmrsbober2b Posts: 383
    yes and i LOVE them. nothing difficult just fun and easy to read. i have never seen the programme but thinking of renting the boxset. really recommend them enjoy.
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