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Bridal online book club?

Hi ladies, just wondering whether it would be possible to start a bridal book club online - on here? Would love to join one, have been dying to join one for ages but can never find one!!


  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    Count me in too if there is one!!!
  • Fab!!! Need to get a few more I think and then we can decide on a book to read!!! Amazing how saving for a wedding sends you to the library for a book to read image
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    I just want the escapism. Dont read half as much as I used to since I started wedding planning!!
  • Tell me about it!! Don't think we are going to get many ladies though - think it might just be me and you lols!!
  • Oct_Bride11Oct_Bride11 Posts: 31
    Count me in! I love my books, I read the whole twilight saga in 4 days lol ok it was over a week & a bit lol but just couldnt put them down
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    Hey that's 3 of us on board!!!! Ooh what are we going to read first??
  • MrsMcG2011MrsMcG2011 Posts: 106
    You can count me in! I'm a teacher and keen reader. I agree that it is great escapism. Have read some brill books of late... One Day, The Hand That First Held Mine and Room were all amazing!

    Can I join? image
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    Yes, yes, yes!!! I think 4is a good number to start off our book club!

    I've just read the devlin diary which I thoroughly enjoyed!
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    Can I join too please?!

    Surely 5 is as good as 4 to start with image
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    5 is even better!!! We really need to decide what to read first!!
  • crazycat-09crazycat-09 Posts: 160
    Can I join in too?

    I need to get back into reading, I go through wee phases of reading loads then nothing for months!

  • Ooooh we have loads now!!!

    Now we just need to decide what we are going to read as our first book!!! Any ideas ladies? I have the twilight books and they are fab!!! Am just finishing the millenium trilogy and then we can read anything you ladies want first!! Maybe we should pick a genre first?
  • MrsMcG2011MrsMcG2011 Posts: 106
    I've just started reading Little Face by Sophie Hannah. It's about a woman who goes to pick up her baby from her cot to find that it's not the same baby...but nobody will believe her. I'm only on chapter three and I'm hooked. image
  • crazycat-09crazycat-09 Posts: 160
    Hiya, so what we going to read?

    Anyone got any ideas? xx
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    Jodi Picoult always writes a good book, Stephenie Meyer's The Host could be a good choice, or maybe something lighter like Lisa jewell, or Victoria Connelly?
  • MrsMcG2011MrsMcG2011 Posts: 106
    Ooh, good choices willbeMrsP! I'm happy with any of these image
  • Sorry have been AWOL!! Been to my other halfs sisters wedding on Saturday! any of those books are fab i think. how about if we start with something by Jodi Piccoult?
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    Sounds good to me.

    I am currently three quarters of the way through her current one, 'Sing You Home' or we could pick one of her other ones which most people have read just to get into the chatting side of things? Maybe something like '19 Minutes' or 'My Sister's Keeper'?

    It will be interesting to see how a discussion would work online so maybe a good place to start is sharing opinions on an older book before picking one none of us have read yet?!

    I guess when we pick a new book we should also have a timeframe in which to get hold of the book and read it before we chat?! Otherwise it might get spoilt for people who read at a slower pace!

    Logistically, this could be really interesting!

  • Yeah i agree, think we need to pick a book that everyone has read first and then start a discussion just to see how things work. I will have a look on thursday what jodi books we have at my other halfs because i have read those but cant remember which ones they are!!

    Read an interesting article in the independent this morning whilst eating my breakfast before going to work, that they have made the book "We need to talk about Kevin" into a film with Tilda Swanton or whatever her name is!!!

    But anyway I digress!!! So I will get back to you on thursday night with the books that i have read of Jodi Piccoults and then we will see what everyone else has read. Maybe we could set up an email or some sort of website, rather than doing it on here, otherwise we will take over the site!!! Will have a mooch around and see what i can find and let you ladies know!!!
  • MrsMcG2011MrsMcG2011 Posts: 106
    I've not read a Jodi Picoult (have seen My Sister's Keeper though) imageops: just found Picture Perfect sitting on my bookshelf though so I'll get straight on to it image
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    I don't think I could bear to watch a film of 'We need to talk about Kevin'. The book is too good to be ruined by film!
  • Finally_Mrs_TFinally_Mrs_T Posts: 184
    Can I join too?!
  • Shall we agree on a Jodi one then? I've not read picture perfect, so might take a visit to the library tomorrow after work and see what there is there!! In the mean time i will have a look around for a website that we could maybe use!!
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    Of course you can future-mrs-t
  • Finally_Mrs_TFinally_Mrs_T Posts: 184
    Thank you!

    I've heard that 'Nineteen Minutes' by Jodi Picoult is meant to be good. Has anyone read that?
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    I haven't read that - maybe it should be our first book??
  • Oh yeah Nineteen minutes sounds like a good book. I think that should be our first book. How long shall we give everyone to get hold of a copy?
  • MrsMcG2011MrsMcG2011 Posts: 106
    I'm happy to go with Nineteen Minutes too. Will try and get hold of it over the next couple of days.
  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700
    I've read and love 'Nineteen Minutes'! I think it's the best Jodi P.

    I will join in once everyone has read it and we start discussing.

    I think my old copy has some 'questions for discussion' in the back...might be a starting point?!
  • willbeMrsPwillbeMrsP Posts: 476
    Excellent. I'll order a copy later tonight!!
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