Cecilia Ahern books

Has anybody read any of Cecilia Ahern books? I've read I think most of them! Thay are a great light hearted read- though a few have made me cry (not hard to do though!!)

Does anybody else like her books? Which one is favourite?


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    I love her books!! Her and Marian Keyes two of my fav chick book authors!! PS. I Love You now that was my fav book, made me cry and laugh was great! Have not seen the film and not sure I want to think films of books are not great most of the time! x
  • i love cecelia ahern books! read ps i love you (wanted to see film but never did) where rainbows end, if you could see me now & a place called here. first 2 are definitely best. has she got anything else out at the mo as my birthday is coming up and i could ask for it...
  • was just on waterstones site looking for mil2b and discovered she has a new one out called thanks for the memories next tuesday....
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    Hi, I love Cecilia Ahern's books too. My favourite books of hers were her first two (P.S. I Love You and Where Rainbows End). I have only just discovered Marian Keyes (finished a degree last year which put me off reading for a long time as that is what the degree mainly consisted of!) - just finishing reading Anyone Out There and Watermelon, really enjoyed both, couldn't put them down! Also love Sophie Kinsella's books too. There is nothing better than a good chick lit! x
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    I love Cecilia Ahern, I started on PS I Love you and liked i that much I ordered the 3 other ones and read them and in fact, I have just finished Where Rainbows End (I read it in a day - couldn't put it down lol!) I got paid today so have just ordered her new one from play.com.

    I am also a big fan of Marian Keyes (I can be a right little bookworm when I want to be! image!!) and I have read all of her books, they're all fab. In fact she is due to release another on 1st May (have pre-ordered it on Play) called the Charming Man. I'll let you know how the new books are! x

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    I think I've read all of cecila Ahern's books, so its good to know she's got a new one coming out soon- Thanks for the tip malibu!

    I also love Marian Keyes- they have a similar style to them I think- lighthearted, but so easy to connect with! I'm such a big softie I always end up crying at books, so both authors get me every time!

    I read PS I Love you first- my aunty recommended it. I want to see the film, but I'm worried it wont be as good as the book, and I'll feel disappointed- has anyone seen it yet? Plus I know I'll end up crying!

    I apologise for being slow in response to you all, but I'm not very well, so am spending more time reading books, than checking my pc! Plus have had to organise a charity event on top (which was last night, and went fantastically!), but that is done now, so just my illness to sort out!

    I also read Jodi Picoult books, which I enjoy, but they're more 'realistic' so I dont read them too often- they're a great read, and very touching, but I prefer something a bit lighter at the moment!

    Can anyone else recommend any other authors I might enjoy while I'm off work? I think I've pretty much covered Cecilia Ahern, and alot of Marian Keyes (though will have to check that one and see), so getting a bit low on reading material now!

    I cant remember if I've read where rainbows end (I think I have but not sure) can someone remind me about it please? I've read about a book every couple of days since january, so a bit fuzzy on details!!

    Thank you

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    I love love love Cecilia Ahern's books, she is fab!

    I read PS I love you first, i cried within the first 2 pages!! Ive got all her books, and i went to se the film, i thought it was really good, its not like the book because when you read a book you create the story in your own imagination, everyones version of the book is different in their own minds, how characters look etc, but the film was very good, funny and sad, have tissues ready, i was blubbing away in the cinema haha!!

    The other authors i like which i have all their books are Jane Green, Lisa Jewell and Chris Manby and Sophie Kinsella, theyre all great female writers who write fab romantic, comedic books that are so easy to get into.

    Im glad i read this post cos i always want to know when Cecilias new books are out, i normally just come across them when im doing my shopping in Tescos!!

    Thanx ladies!

  • I love this thread! Cecilia is one of my favourites!! I'm so glad she's got a new one out soon - each time she gets a new one out I read it that day!

    77Angel - Katie Fforde is very similar to Cecilia Ahern - her books are fab too! image Kate xx
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    I love Cecilia Ahern's books, I've read them all. So glad that there is a new one coming out.

    I've read all of Marian Keyes as well. If you like both those authors then you'll prob like Patricia Scanlan. She has 3 books that all follow each other and our called City Girls, City Women and City Lives. They are excellent and reommend them.

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    Cecilia Ahern and Katie Fforde are my two fave authors at the mo, read every book within a day or so coz i just cant put them down, real chick lit!! also Marian Keyes but never heard of Patricia Scanlan so off to hunt for one of hers to try. Thanks for the tips xxx

    k x
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    Patricia Scanlan is fab, i have about 10 of her books and they are all really good. Also love Cathy Kelly.

    PS I Love you and Where Rainbows end are my favourites by Cecelia A.Just couldn't get into If You Could See Me Now.

    Jill Mansell is great, and Carole Matthews has whad some fab books too!!

    My h2b is always on at me to get rid of some of my books, as my huge bookcase is overflowing, but I just can't do it!! I love them!!

    Oh, and also love Sheila O'Flanaghan!! :\) x x
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    I have just received the new Cecilia Ahern book, Thanks for the memories through the post.

    I am currently off sick from work too so I should have it finished by the weekend image , I will let you know what it's like! x
  • 77angel77angel Posts: 389
    Please do... I'm sooo jealous. I live in a small town, so not much chance of me getting it any time soon, unless my local bookshop can order it in for me. But money is very very tight this week, so cant really afford it til next week. Might talk nicely to my granny and see if she'll treat me, and offer to pay her back when I get the money?

    I found out today I have to have an operation. image Got to wait up to 8 weeks for the appointment though, so no work for ages for me- I seriously need some good books! I read too fast though!

    Might have a look on amazon for the book, and hope fiance doesn't notice it arrive!

  • Angel-CakesAngel-Cakes Posts: 1,100
    Hi 77angel,

    I too am short of money but I get my books from play.com, this one was only £7.49 and the Marian Keyes one is £10.99 (hardback).

    You can get most of Marian Keyes books from there for a fiver each. It saves you going shopping for them and are cheaper than in the shops.

    Hope your op goes ok, right I am off to start reading! xx
  • hi cecelia fans! i got her new one for my bday this week so am going to start it tonight and will post review when i finish it.

    i love my chick lit! ive read a few maraian keyes and katie fforde books, but i dont tend to read a certain authors books only.
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    Just got Cecelias new book from Tescos, will be starting it tonight!!
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    I got it yesterday from Tesco.

    I read a few pages last night but not alot as I didn't have much time

    . I'm going to dpend the whole day on the sofa with my coffe pot on standby and just read! Mark is cooking sunday lunch for us today as well so that I can have quality me time!

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    Read all of cecilia ahern books and love them. Also like 77angel a very big fan of jodi picoult read all of them and can't wait for the next. Didn't realise cecilia ahern new book was out yet. Tesco here i come!!!! xx
  • Angel-CakesAngel-Cakes Posts: 1,100

    The new book is fab so far!! I have about 100 pages to go! xx
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    Read all of cecilia ahern books and love them. Also like 77angel a very big fan of jodi picoult read all of them and can't wait for the next. Didn't realise cecilia ahern new book was out yet. Tesco here i come!!!! xx

    Im the same as you! I love both Cecilia ahern and Jodi picoult books and have read them all except the new ones ; which since it is payday, i am going to go buy straight from work to buy! and them ignore my h2b as i sat and read them this weekend! hehe

  • Hi Ladies

    I love Cecelia Ahern - Kate Fforde is just as un-put-down-able.

    I buy loads off ebay for 50p ish then sell them on again unless they are good enough to re read - ie Cecelia Ahern.
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    A very talented author indeed - I have all her novels to date and by the far the best one is If You Could See Me Now. She really knows how to grip you and theres a nice little twist to the tale aswell.
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    I've just finished reading Thanks for the Memories... took me a while as i've not had much time to pick it up.... but I loved it. Any suggestions of what i can read next???
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    I just adore Cecila Ahern, PS I love you and If you could see me now are my 2 favourites, can't wait to pick up the new one. I'm such a bookworm though and once I've read a book I really enjoy I end up buying all the other books the author has done, it drives H2B mad as I never ever sell them because I know I'll want to read it again at some point.
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    I have just read ps i love you and now reading at the end of the rainbow

    I am loving the ebay idea - i love reading I read every night before bed I have done since I was about 5
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    Yes, have no idea why I didn't notice this topic before!! Duh!

    I love all of her books, if you could see me now has to be my fave!!

    When I read her books I feel part of the story, I am totally captured. Amazing to read! x
  • lottin_uklottin_uk Posts: 276
    I love her books too, you just can't put them down.....

    i like marian keyes too.

    been reading some cheapies from asda this last few weeks by Rachel Gibson (they get a bit heated in places wink wink)

    Another writer who surprised me was Alan Titchmarsh. I love his fiction books.
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    i like marian keyes- just finishing this charming man

    id recommend sophie kinsella
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    oh I want to read this charming man, is it good?
  • Hi Ladies, I love her books. Anyone else like Jane Green?? Shes very good too.

    PS I Love you my fave so far, made me cry as did the film

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