Any Newcastle brides??

Wondering of theres anyone from Newcastle on here?? my names Danii im from Prudhoe not far from gateshead??


  • Hiya, Not exactly newcastle but i am from Durham, might be getting married in Newcastle

  • where abouts in newcastle are you thinking of having your big day?
  • I'm looking at a few places.

    jesmond Dene house,

    Dissington Hall

    Ravensdale house

    and Grey Street Hotel

    Have you started looking?

  • hiya, im not from newcastle but from hartlepool its not too far away xx
  • hollie1985hollie1985 Posts: 125
    Hey i'm from Ryton but now living in Consett with h2b x x
  • natashabonenatashabone Posts: 631
    I'm from Durham x
  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    Another Durham b2b......getting married in the Lakes though.
  • danfurdanfur Posts: 161
    Hiya, I'm from North Shields.
  • gdrydengdryden Posts: 163
    i'm from chester-le-street, h2b from newcastle, we are getting married in cyprus in september

    good luck with all your plans xx
  • tadcastertadcaster Posts: 87
    Hi I am form Sunderland and getting married at Seaham Hall next July.

    So excited!
  • kellyanne1981kellyanne1981 Posts: 3,441
    i was born in newcastle (but i dont think i qualify as a young bride lol) but i now live in redcar down the ocast from you all!!

    kel xx
  • AnrielAnriel Posts: 239
    Half way between Durham and Newcastle, but getting married in Scotland!
  • Do any of you know any good dressmakers in the North East? x
  • netheadernetheader Posts: 1,696
    Hi, I am from the Midlands but live in Gateshead (work in Newcastle Upon Tyne) and am marrying in Whitby! image

  • sarahlou42sarahlou42 Posts: 273

    We're getting married in 9 days at Sacred Heart Church, Boldon Colliery and our reception is at the Sea Hotel.

    (we live in London)

    wow there are quite a few North East brides now - when i joined (2 years ago) there weren't many of us

    when are you all getting married?

  • hollie1985hollie1985 Posts: 125
    Ooh Mrs Shiney 2B, not long to go!! Are you from Newcastle originally?

    I'm from Ryton, near Blaydon (Gateshead) but now living in Consett County Durham with my h2b. We get married July 25th, can't wait!! xx
  • MrsGavinMrsGavin Posts: 257

    From South Yorkshire but now live in Newcastle. Getting Married at St Ann's Church on Newcastle Quayside and having reception at Beamish Park hotel
  • im from newcastle, getting married at jesmond parish church and recpeiton at my parents house next june!! i can't wait.

    if any of you are looking for dresses, Serenity Bridal in newcastle, above newcastle arts centre by assembly rooms is amazing, big range of prices, lovely staff, made me feel like a princess and they have their own seamstress for alterations. Beware of berketex by the gate, staff were so rude to me, nearly had me in tears!x
  • Hollie1985 - it's not 4 days! it's going so quickly too!

    i'm form London originally but H2B is from Boldon Colliery

    good luck!

  • AnrielAnriel Posts: 239
    I'm getting my dress from wedding wardrobe in chester le street. The staff were fantastic and made me feel really special.
  • Hey girls I am from Rowlands Gill in Gateshead but moved to the coast with h2b in North Shields/Tynemouth way.

    Getting married in 15 days at Beamish Hall eeeek!


  • I also went to the wedding wardrobe but I ended up using Pronuptia in Newcastle as the wedding wardrobe didnt stock my designer, know what you mean about the staff though they were very good there!

  • hi all,

    i'm from newcastle (live in fenham), we're thinking about a church in cramlington and are all over for reception venue!

    going to look at jesmond dene hotel, grand hotel tynemouth and i like the vermont..choices! image
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm from Chester-le-Street, bt getting Married at Close House in Heddon on the Wall. Its a great venue, everyone is really friendly and they let you do whatever you like, creative control is all yours.

    Its nice to see lots of North East brides on here. x

  • hey

    i am from south shields

    we r gettin married at the Storrs hall hotel at the lakes, but cant decide on the evening venue yet

  • Hi, I'm another Sunderland bride. Getting married next October - I can't wait xx
  • im from durham!

    and im getting married at lumley castle in april!
  • I'm getting married near Berwick...does that count?!
  • Im a Newcastle bride but im getting married abroad =) x
  • Hello, I live in North Tyneside but am orignally from London (h2b from Morpeth!).

    We're having our ceremony at North tyneside register office followed by the reception at Backworth Hall, both simple but lovely image

    For anyone nearby who is wary of register offices (I thought they were all small and dull) try North Tyneside, the room is really really nice, seats 70 people and overlooks the river! and only £100!! (I sound like an advert).

    I'm going to Berketexx next saturday to try some dresses on (don't intend on buying anything there though... going to cheat and buy online!). I've heard lots of negative things about Berketexx though, someone tell me that the ladies aren't going to be mean please!

    Kay x
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