44 year old, what sort of dress???

Hi everyone, this is my first post on here.

I am getting married next year in Cyprus (it's my first time.......rather too choosy!!!) and I want an ivory wedding dress, full length with a small train. Only thing is I really don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. I'd love to go for a full Cinderella type dress but I have horrid pictures in my mind of when bet lynch married gilroy.!!image

Is it acceptable to get married in a proper wedding dress at my age? With a tiara and bridesmaids and my son as a ring bearer. This is something I have dreamed of since i was little.


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    Welcome to the forum. Alot of us older ladies have doubts, but if you look through the pics of married ladies on here its all in our minds. Once you start trying on dresses you will see what looks good on you!

    I'd say go for it, Im having daughter and stepdaughters to be as bridesmaids, and younger son as pageboy, other son and stepson to be as ushers. Also having a tiara. Cant wait!

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    Congratulations and welcome to your and your wedding MrsD2B2009. Listen here missy, this is your first time so you can jolly well have whatever you want!!!

    I am having whatever i want. I am getting married in Cyprus this year. It's my second time and i am having a full length wedding dress with a train too! It's in ivory and gorgeous. I got it from Debenhams. It's not too fussy just very flowy.

    Where are you getting married in Cyprus? Good luck with all your planning.

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    hi and welcome.

    I think you should wear what youR comfortable in and what you want to wear .

    Iam 43 , 44 in two weeks and i went for the full on cinderella dress, there are pics on this forum of me , i got married last sat.

    I loved the dress and care not if anyone thought i was too old to wear it lol

    jules x
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    Hi MRSD2B2009

    Congratulations and welcome to yayw.

    Once you start to try on dresses you will know what feels right. Like you I was worried about looking like MDAL and went looking for bridesmaid dresses.

    I ended up with an ivory brides dress (although I did think the train was too long and got 12" cut off it).

    Whilst it's not a fussy dress it is definately a brides dress and I'm so glad I didn't get a bridesmaid dress.

    Get whatever makes YOU happy and don't worry about anyone else!!!
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    Hi MrsD2B2009.

    First and foremost - you need to be comfortable. Wear what you want to wear.

    I would recommend perhaps wearing a jacket or stole to cover your upper arms. I'm same age as you, and my upper arms are not what they used to be!!

    However, with regards to whether you should wear a fuller dress - absolutely!!

    As an aside, a friend recommended a website to me - www.mature-brides.com. It's only a little site, but it had some really good dresses for brides more of our age group.

    After all - most of the dresses around seem to be either aimed at twenty year olds or the mother of the bride!!

    Good luck!
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    Hello just to say i dont need to cover up my upper arms even though I will be 44, it depends on your skin etc I suppose, jules rules looked fab in a cinderella dress and no batwings!

    I will be going down the gym and rubbing in creams to get in shape x
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    Thanks for your replies everyone, I just don't want to look like a loo roll cover.I'm gonna look at the mature brides webbie but I think I'll look a bit daft with a wrap in 30'+ heat, any way, I'm proud of my bingo wing. LOL, no I'm dieting and going to start the gym so hopefully they will have vanished by next May.

    Joolsypooly, I'm getting married in Paralimni town hall then back to Protaras for reception.

    I'm fancying a grecian style floaty type dress, I've got gold shoes and a gold and pearl tiara, so will take these with me when I try dresses on.

    Catch you later.


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    Very true anna333, it does very much depend on your skin etc.

    I guess what I was trying to say (badly) was that it is important to accentuate the best bits of your body.

    For a lot of women our age, that means some sort of cover on the arms sadly. But if you have great arms by all means flaunt them!
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    jules,your pictures were amazing your dress was stunning,i'm also a jules!i'm 41 h2b 35!we get married in paphos on 11 aug,i opted for a 3/4 lenghth dress from monsoon because of the heat,but i totally agree every1 should have what they want old/young 1st/2nd or 3rd time
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    Did you manage to find anything yet?

    I came across a forum discussing grecian dresses - not sure if you want a look;


    Hope it helps
  • MrsD2B2009MrsD2B2009 Posts: 43
    Thanks, some of those are out of my price range!!!

    I quite fancy the look of some dresses on this site.

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  • MrsD2B2009MrsD2B2009 Posts: 43
    I just love style 4303 and there is a local shop at the metro centre that stocks their dresses and can order them direct from America so looks like it's job sorted.
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    I think the style is gorgeous. Let us know what your chosen dress is. I like destination bridal 3951 it's gorgeous but got mine already.
  • Hi MrsD2B

    I'm also 44 and got married in Cyprus in May. I think you should wear whatever you like. My pics are at www.tonyandkathy.weddingpath.co.uk if you want to see my dress. I loved it!! Let us know what you decide. x
  • MrsD2B2009MrsD2B2009 Posts: 43
    Your dress looks fantastic, god, I just can't decide. Went looking today and saw loads of dresses from short ones to full dresses with trains, there are just sooooo many to choose from.Still got 9 months to decide what I want!?.
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    arw thanks juulliiee. good luck with your wedding look forward to pics .

    jules x
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    Hi All

    Just to put anyone at ease, not only will I be 44 when I get married in November, but its my 4th wedding!!

    After each previous wedding I wasn't so sure I'd picked the right dress (white / ivory each time....), so I was going to make absolutely sure I found the right one this time around.

    And I have!! It's long, strapless, with a little train, ivory again, with a bronze lace overlay. I tried on lots of dresses but this one made me feel like a goddess, and it has total wow factor.

    A friend of mine married at 47 on a beach in the caribbean, and wore the complete works meringue style in white - and looked fantastic!!

    So if it works for you, and makes you feel wonderful, go for it, don't worry about age or what people will think. If you love it, and you think your h2b will think you're divine in it, then its the right dress.

    Good luck!

  • I know the dilemma. I went out and bought a very expensive suit thinking that I would look stupid at my age in a long dress and tiara etc. I felt this great sense of sadness driving home from London having paid out a lot of money for what I thought was going to be a nice suit for the day and a item I could wear afterwards. Thankfully my Maid of Honour convinced me to go right back out there and get into Bridal shops and I got a lovely Ronald Joyce dress with a chifon coat and a Tiara too. I am 49 but who cares . I feel like a princess and the white suit can now be my going away outfit. I managed to get the princess dress on sale so al lin all I have still stayed under £1000 unlike many younger brides to be... so the message of my tale is go with your heart and try on a few dresses and for one day you can bling it all the way.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm 41 and not getting married in a big white dress because I don't want to... hated it the first time round so am going to wear something that's much more me this time!

    My future mother-in-law got married last year on her 60th birthday complete with long white dress and tiara and look fabulose (sorry about the spelling). It took me and her daughter a long time to convince her to try on a proper dress. I'm sure she only gave in to shut me up! It was obviuse that's what she wanted but she was convinced she was too old. It took a while to find the right dress, some were very deffinatly too young but it was worth it.
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    Hi, I'm so glad I found you all. I shall be 49 when I get married for the 1st time next May & didn't think I would be able to try any 'proper' dresses on let alone buy one & wear it. I've been getting more & more depressed looking at 'nice' suits aimed at the mother of the bride (because that's the right age group) & wishing that I'd got married earlier even though I couldn't find anyone I wanted to marry then! I'll have a look at the web sites mentioned.
  • MrsD2B2009MrsD2B2009 Posts: 43
    Well, went looking and this is what I got. I looked in a few shops but didn't find anything that stood out and looked Grecian, till I hit Debenhams.


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    What a fantastic dress MrsD2B2009 and perfect for Cyprus! You must be so pleased!

    Welcome nettyp! You have landed in the exactly the right place for excellent advice and help. I certainly had "wobbles" about whether I should be wearing a "traditional" wedding dress, but with the help of the lovely ladies on here I am just 9 days away from my 2nd wedding at 48 and I couldn't be happier with my dress and the arrangements!

  • MrsD2B2009MrsD2B2009 Posts: 43
    Thankyou, now all I need are two suitable bridesmaid dresses!!!!!
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    Hi Mrsd2B2009,

    I'll be 46 when I get married for the second time next May. I started out thinking that I had to have something really low key - almost an apology for getting married at my age!!

    Anyway - I looked at the grecian style dresses in Debehams and really liked them but in the end I decided upon an Amanda Wyatt dress. I have kept worrying all along that I am 'too old' for it but I am assured by family and the ladies in the bridal shop that it suits me and I am not MDAL.

    Anyway, here's a pic for you to jusge for yourself.

    I won't be wearing the stole that is wrapped loosely around my shoulders but I am going to order a wrap from wrapor to cover my bingowings!

    Good luck

    Gill xxx

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    I'm 45 now and will be 46 when I get married for the first time. I too would have like to have done it earlier but it just never happened for me. H2b has been married b4 (says they drifted into it - baby on the way etc etc).

    My mum said I wouldn't suit a traditional dress because I was too old and suggested I look at red dresses!!! My dad also said be careful what you are wearing because you are closer to 70 than 17 !!!! I couldn't believe them at the time but my mum has since seen me in some traditional dresses and has changed her opinion completely and wait till my dad sees me in my dress!

    I have since put a deposit on a gorgeous Mark Lesley wedding dress.(www.marklesley.co.uk) number 2018 shown in pink but I'm having Ivory. I feel fantastic and am having the works. Don't take any notice of anyone else. Take one or two people you trust completely with you who will give you an honest fair opinion and above all who will support you.

    Go for it and good luck !

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    I thought i was the only one with this problem. Im 49 and i will be 50 when i get married next year and i dont want to get married in something that looks to young and at my age i dont want any of the shoulder dress or that you feel you have to keep exhailed just to ensure the dress stays up. Im now looking at wedding dresses with a lace coat that you wear over the dress which i have seen and looks mature without making you look like as you said mutton dressed up as lamb. But i do know exactly ehat you mean.
  • JoolyukJoolyuk Posts: 280

  • JoolyukJoolyuk Posts: 280
    yey at long last i have managed to suss out how to post a pic. THIS IS MY DRESS!!!!

    It's from Debenhams, and i love it. Wish i was as tall as she is though!
  • JennieBukJennieBuk Posts: 408
    its beautiful joolyspooly !!!
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