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Any Christian brides?

Hey, was just wondering if any of you are Christians, and if thats the reason or part of the reason that you want to get married young? x:\)


  • Hi I am a christian, its not why we are getting married young if you count 24 as young! But we did meet through the church, even though h2b doesn't really go - well about once in a blue moon - christmas etc!! Was meant to be! How about you?
  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    Yeah im christian, just been baptised and my H2B is baptised as well. Really want to start a family and we dont see any reason to wait to be married really! x
  • I am baptised and confirmed but that has no bearing on my reason for marrying. I want to marry my H2B as I love him and not for religion purposes.

    I also have said that I wont have children until I am married but that is more of a moral thing rather than again for a religious purpose.
  • i'm a christian, my fiancee isn't though image i wish he was! still defo want to marry him though. i'm 22 and he's 28, we have two children and feel the time's right really. it doesn't quite feel right having children and not being married, and we're going to be together anyway so we thought lets do it!

    i do struggle though, i wish he had a commitment to the Lord like i do

  • hi i'm a christian too! but its not coz of that .. we are marrying coz we love eaxh other, we're ,meant to be and we firmly believe in not waiting if you found what you are waiting for. except now we are waiting till 2010 so i graduate uni!
  • hey all. we're both christians too and we're getting married on saturday. i wouldnt say its why we're getting married young tho we havent had sex b4 marriage which is maybe why h2b proposed when he was 20 but i don think so, i trust him when he says no! but i do think its why we want to get married as opposed to just living together, we want the commitment to be prommised to each other in front of God, thats really important to both of us. we've already been so blessed in our wedding so lets hope the marriage continues the same way image xx
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I was raised a Christian and am having a Christian wedding but I no longer practice. it was important for h2b to have a Christian ceremony.

    We have just bought a house together and marry in 2010 so I don't think religious reasons really have any bearing on wanting to marry - although I suppose being raised in the faith may have an unconscious bearing on the decision as that seems the next logical step in our relationship.

    Perhaps if we had been brought up in a non-faith environment then maybe it wouldn't have seemed like the next logical step.

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    Im Catholic and h2b is protestant and it is DEFINATLEY the reason we are getting married so young (both 21!) we are hoping to get married in St Peters, Vatican City, but no date as yet - SOOO many hoops to jump through!!!

    Im so excited!

    We both finished uni last year and are now in good jobs so we cant wait to start our family, we arent living together or anything but he has his own bungalow and lives with our two pugs and we feel so ready!

    Most of my friends dont understand but I am so excited getting my M R S seems soooo much more important than my Bsc!!image

  • MrsWiles09MrsWiles09 Posts: 458

    Really glad to see other Christians on here- my partner and I are getting married in our CofE church next August.

    Just to let you know that there is another thread on here:

    and also a new facebook group if you wanted to join:
  • SesberrySesberry Posts: 73
    Yep - we're both christians. It's not why we're getting married young (Well, I'm young!) we've just found the right people that's all. image
  • I'm born again and h2b's a Christian... his parents are the ministers and therefore, his dad'll be marrying us!! I really dont believe that we have to go through a ceremony in front of people to be 'married' We believe God gave us what we have and are married already (although no hanky panky until fil2b announces it so),

    The wedding is a show of commitment, for us anyway, cos we know that were committed anyway! Am I making any sense? image
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I'm NOT a young bride, I'm 50 and so is my partner. We've both been married before. My last wedding was in a Register OFfice and my husband-to-be married his former wife in a C of E Church. I felt I missed out first time around because it wasn't in a church. On reflection though, I'm glad in a way because I'd have felt bad about that marriage failing. I've been split up from first husband for what will be nearly 20 years by the time I marry my lovely man in April. He & his first wife simply drifted apart and then she told him she didn't love him anymore. I've met her once and she seems a nice person. We were both divorced for years before we met each other.

    Anyway, I was adamant I wanted a Church wedding as I'm a Christian and attend church. It's not always easy to find a minister willing to marry couples where one or both are divorced. But our regular vicar agreed he would do this. We go to see him tomorrow night and I can't wait!

    My fianc???? is coming with me, of course. It'll be so lovely to say our vows in front of the most important witness of all!

    Not wishing to sound nasty or anything but it really irritates me that non-believers happily plan their weddings in church and then complain when a minister asks them to attend a few times on Sundays before the actual wedding. Especially when the couple in question are young and never married before - they don't have any trouble finding a minister to marry them - unlike us divorced folk. I feel angry that somebody such as myself & my fianc???? had to jump through hoops to find a church willing to marry us, when people that are NOT Christian and have no respect or regard for our beliefs and principles can get a church wedding easily. I know this doesn't sound very Christian.

    This problem arose initially because we wanted to have a destination wedding abroad. In the country we had in mind, it was difficult finding a church venue and believe me, I e-mailed every suitable church in that country. I CAN understand that no church in ANY country wants to become known as the easy option for divorced foreign tourists wanting a destination church wedding though. That's fair enough, I suppose!

    In the end, my fianc???? suggested we just got married in the good old UK and only went to the overseas country for our honeymoon, so we're doing just that!! Imagine my delight when the first church I asked at (actually my own, regular church!) I was told yes! I was so pleased, as was my partner.

    We've discussed budgets and lots of stuff like that, our plans and how we'll arrange it all. Money is a bit tight but I'm full of bright, economical ideas. I did say to my partner though ???????One thing I won't compromise on is church - I'll pay whatever it costs and we'll just cut corners elsewhere!??????? I gave my heart to the Lord over 25 years ago.

    So remember us in your prayers everyone, we're seeing the vicar tomorrow!

    Bambagirl x

  • well said bambagirl!!! well said! i will remember you when i pray....
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Hello all!! I am a practising Catholic and so is my fiance(he's Italian, born and raised in the Vatican: you don't get much more Catholic than that lol!)

    We're getting married next August. Nice to hear other brides who see getting married in the eyes of God as being really important. I don't think I'd feel like I was married properly if we didn't have a religious ceremony.

    Im also glad theres other brides here who have children. H2B and I are expecting our first child in March. It wasnt planned at all. We had, of course, intended on having a baby after the wedding but theres a reason for everything I suppose. If its God's will, theres nothing we can do!!

    Good luck with the vicar Bambagirl!!!

    Annie xx
  • Hey

    My h2b and I are both christians. Thankgod, we don't beleive in no sex before marriage lol but it will be lovely to be married before god, in the church we attend and with a vicar we know.

  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Hello again young brides! It's me again, the 50-year-old Bambagirl! Just got back from church and we're going ahead on Friday 27th March next year - a week or 2 before we'd originally planned on 9th April but of course it's difficult getting married during Holy Week. Absolutely delighted now and have the form to complete for the banns to be read. I really must phone my family to tell them, I didn't even tell my Mam that we weren't going ahead with the overseas wedding in Malta as I didn't want to raise her hopes. She had said from the outset she would be unable to go overseas. I'm hoping she'll be happy with all this, fingers crossed ladies! I'm phoning her now!

    Bambagirl x

  • HI fiance and i are both practising catholics, i have been catholic since birth, h2b was of no religion and he decided he wanted to start going to church so he became catholic. I dont feel its played a part in why getting married young just feel its naturally the next step for us as lived together for 3years. Our reception is a castle in scotland that does have a chapel in the tower and as beautiful as it is we arent marrying there as it is not religious place.

    Our priest offered us Edinburgh Cathedral for our weding but we wanted something smaller and more intimate.


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  • whoo another no sex person hi!!! gosh that sounds odd... lol...we are the same too... no you find that its harder not to now you're engaged? maybe its just us!lol
  • No sex till W-day!!! lol
  • I'm a christian, as is my h2b... I've been a christian all my life, and he became a christian after I invited him to my chuch for my godsons dedication after we had been together only a few months, yay! When I started going out with him I didnt think having a partner who shares your faith was important, but three years down the line I dont think we would have worked out through the tough times of separate uni, friends and parents deaths, wedding stress and everything else without God there for us. I'm so grateful image

    We are getting married nov 09, its 3 days after my 23rd birthday, and he will be almost 23. It is young, and people have said as much, but we know we are right for each other, so why wait?!

    (Also, on a side note, also no sex before marriage for us!)
  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    It is harder to not be tempted when you're engaged because its almost as if you have the commitment and you know you are going to marry so why but i know that isnt how it works xxx
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I think it works different ways for different people - tbh there is no way I would get married without knowing we were sexually compatible. Personally for me that would be like buying a 2 million quid dress without trying it on!!

    I guess to each their own.

  • sexual compatibility to me is important but the way i see it is that it is something you can work on together. if you fancy each other which you should do if you want to get married then it isnt an issue is it? i think that i would be so proud of us that we waited for each other. but yeas amore each to their own. i agree totally coz some ppl look down on others for either waiting or not waiting. and that shouldnt be the case.

  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    Although in the Bible, it does say you should wait. So those of you who are Christians, what is your reasoning for not waiting? Is it because you know you will be married in the end? Because in the Bible, the way I see it is that its trying to protect us physically and emotionally from sleeping around, and if you're not doing that.....I dont really know but we will wait between now and then.

    Sorry if that is all messy and confused. Hope you understand what I mean! xxx
  • i firmly believe that if you say you are christian then you should really be following God's words not picking and choosing if i make sense madamss1988...wat i meant by not looking down is that in the bible it says judge not lest ye be judged..and so no one has the right to look down on ppl either for waiting or not waiting...hope i explained it better?
  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    Yeah i believe the same as you, and i would never judge someone else for choosing to act differently to me, am just interested in the reasoning. The main one people seem to say is to see if they are compatible. Anyway, hope you didnt think i was being rude, was just trying to explain myself x
  • Hi Girls

    I am a Christian, but the main reason I am marrying young (20 now 21 on wedding day) is because I fell completely in love. My partner was not a christian when we started dateing, or when II agreed to marry him but I have some amazing news.

    A few weeks ago at Harvest he gave his life up to God. This has had an incredible inpact on our relationship, making us stronger as a couple, and making me stronger in my faith. I want nothing more than to start a family with him. Being young has very little to do with it, I just happened to fall in love young.

    take care x
  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    Wow thats great news!!!
  • I'm a Christian, and I'm getting engaged on my birthday (which is tomorrow! SO excited!) when I'll be 19. He's 26 and also a Christian, we met through church. We're not getting married because of religion or anything, we're getting married because we love each other and we feel that it's right.

    Seriously though, I'm so excited I could wet myself.
  • Hi I'm a Christian too!!! Tbh I think part of the reason we are marrying asap is because we're waiting for sex and don't want to end up giving in and hurting God. However we are completly in love and committed to one another and can't wait for the whole marriage package so to speak. It is difficult though because we are struggling to be able to afford to sort out a place to live in once we're married.

    I can understand people may be worried about sexual compatibility but if everything else in your relationship is perfect would you give up on them over sex? If you're completly comfortable with eachother it wouldn't be a problem learning with eachother and finding out what you both like. I may be wrong but I personnnally love h2b too much to give him up for anything.

    Just some food for thought. I'm sorry if I come across as judging. It was not my intention. just wanted to share my own personal view. However we are all different and so are obviously going to have different views.

    LauraJadeth how come you know you'll be getting engaged tomorrow? Not one for surprises? Very excited for you though!! And all us brides to be!! We're so blessed!! xXx
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