Liverpool Brides Oct 2009

Hi there, have booked my wedding for October 2009 in Village hotel in Liverpool. Wondering if there were any Liverpool brides here getting married the same month. WOuld love to hear from any to get some hints and tips!! x


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    hi i'm getting married 10/10/09. having ceremony in local parish in netherton, then to the thistle in town. cant wait, only 11 months to go!

    what you got sorted? i'm quite organised, got:

    church, reception, photographer, cars, dress, bridesmaids, invites (making myself), chair covers, dj, entertainment, and just need to get deposit sorted on mens suits.image

    booked with registra tomorrow and with a florist on sat, struggling with florist tho, coz dont know many! any ideas? can i be any help?

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    Hi, hope you don't mind me joining in.

    I'm getting married 17.10.09 in Allerton and having the reception in Sefton Park.

    I've got my dress and shoes! Apart from that I haven't got alot sorted, mainly deposits. Church, Reception venue, wedding cars, photographer and hopefully i will be sorting out the deposit for our honeymoon tomorrow.

    My mum is making my bouquet, the bridesmaids and the button holes, but my work colleagues sister owns a florist so i'm going to go in and speak to her about flowers. With Florists it depends where you live, some will give you better deals than others depending on what you want.

    Hopefully I will get some helpers to do my invites with me as I want to make my own to try and cut costs.

    Lyndacar29, how much have you got sorted?

  • Hi there, Betslfc you seem to have it all under control, i haven't sorted nearly as much as you! I have done pretty much the same as you Chelb13, booked church, venue, cars, got a meeting with photographer next Tuesday, oh and have found my dress. Have paid deposits for all. Need to get my bridesmaid dresses soon to start my colour scheme.

    Chelb13 my friend is having her reception in the palm house in August, is that where you are having yours? I also went to a wedding there last December and it was lovely. We are getting married in a church in Childwall first.

    About flowers, a few of my friends have used Flowerbug on Woolton Road, they have been really nice and quite reasonable!! How lucky you are to know someone who can do flowers for you!

    I keep thinking wedding is ages away, but I know how quick the time flies, best get my skates on!

    Lets hope October will be a sunny month girls!

    Where are you going for your honeymoon?? We were thinking thailand (but not sure if weather may be a bit dodgy at that time) or san fran and hawaii!! x

  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    Hi Lyndacar29,

    Unfortunately the palm house was abit over our budget, we are having our reception at The Blenheim Lakeside Hotel, it overlook's the lake (which has been dredged at the moment) but when me and H2B were at sixth form we used to sit and have our lunch opposite the hotel on the bench by the lake so it was our first choice as it seemed appropriate.

    And we put the deposit on our honeymoon yesterday, 2 weeks in Qawra, Malta and because it is our honeymoon they gave us a £240 dicount off the total price! Was made up!!!

    I'm hopefully going to sort out the bridesmaids dresses next, found it hard to find the right style and colour (my colour theme is burgundy). What's your colour theme?

    And do you have any photos of your dress?

    Chelb13 xxx
  • Hi Clelb13, Have been to the Blenheim Lakeside Hotel for dinner, it was lovely! I noticed they had a marquee style bit at the back too which was nice for weddings. I used to go to St Hilda's in Sefton park, is that where you went?

    Have thought about having deep purple for my bridesmaid dresses, am going with my bridesmaids next week to have a look in town. Am hoping to get them off the peg from Debenhams or coast, somewhere like that. Burgundy is lovely, my friend got married in August and that is what she had.

    Here is a picture of my dress, you looked at any yet? As soon as i tried it on I loved it and it was bargain price too!!

    Honeymoon sounds great, Malta is meant to be lovely (Though I have never been), and the discount too, excellent!! x x
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    Hi lyndacar29,

    No I went to st. Margaret's 6th form, where I met H2B. Haven't been to Blenheim for dinner but might do that yet. The marquee is part of the venue as the seated area is downstairs and there is a smoking area outside the marquee too with benches and umberellas in case it rains. It looks really lovely in the evening as the light the trees up and it sparkles.

    Your dress is beautiful!! Yes I have found mine soon as i saw it i knew it was the one, I purchased it the other month off the internet as it was such a good bargain. Here it is...

    Deep purple is the colour of this season, are you wanting knee length or floor length dresses for your b'maids? I was flicking through this months cosmo and they have a full page spread on 'perfect purple', shoes, handbags & dresses in Miss Selfridge, dresses in Oasis, River Island, debenhams, BHS and Dorothy Perkins and earrings & headbands in Topshop if you wanted them too.

    Let us know what you find. I'm getting my b'maids dresses from BHS in burgundy as they have a wedding section upstairs right at the back.

    Speak soon,

    Chel xxx

  • Hi Chel, your dress is gorgeous, it will look great with burgundy bridesmaids!! Yeah i thought the marquee in the Blenheim was fab, its great that there is an area outside where people can sit if its a nice day!! Went bridesmaid shopping with my girls last week and bought purple dresses from Coast, they are just on the knee so very modern. They all loved them, here's a pic have a nose.

    They were in the sale and managed to get all the sizes so very pleased now! Have you got your dresses yet they had some lovely floor length ones in BHS I noticed. As soon as Christmas is over, bet it will fly by!!!!!x
  • chelb13chelb13 Posts: 458
    Hi lyndacar29, your bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous, and the colour is great.

    I've been looking in BHS at the bridesmaids dresses and do like the floor length dresses but they have sold out of the sizes that I would need for my girls. They are bringing out a new collection next year though so fingers crossed they may bring a new burgundy range in. With all fairness though I still haven't decided if I really want bridesmaids, I know it's traditional to have them but I am skirting around the idea of having brides-men instead!!!

    Going to stop planning for abit now and get xmas & new year out of the way.

    Going to see the Vicar in the new year to get my order of service approved so hopefully them and my invitations will be next on my to-do list. I'm making my own and looking forward to doing them, I get some quiet time!!!

    Anyway, speak soon,

    Chel xxx
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