hi im new

hi thought id introduce myself to you all.

im ellie, im 20 and i have 2 daughters izzy (who will be 2 next month) and scarlett (letty who is 4 months) im getting married on the 6th june 2009.



  • Hi Ellie!

    Im Holly and I am 22. No children yet. We are hoping to get married on 7th December 2009.

    How did you meet your H2B?
  • Hey Girls!!

    I'm new on here too! Just recenetly engaged- last weekend, and i am so excited! havnt set a date, but hoping to do that soon. Anyway I am 22, and met my fiancee on a night out at uni dressed as penny crayon- he was fred flinstone!! hehe
  • Hi Girls

    Im new too, hoping to get married on 1st May 2010 :\)
  • and me i am getting married 1-8-09! thats as far as planning has got so far!
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm fairly new to this as well but have been snooping around for a little while now.

    AliciaKate - I'm getting married exactly ony year before you do at Chilston Park Hotel near Maidstone.

  • Hi Ellie

    Im new to this too, i also dont have any children yet Im 24 and work with children i think thats why i dont have any yet. We have finally set our big day for our wedding but it's not until 2010 so i have plenty of time to organise every thing and appreciate any ideas and tips.
  • LadyRukLadyRuk Posts: 834
    Hey new people :\) I'm getting married in 2010 but not set a date yet (I've been engaged 10 months how bad is that?) Hope to get married in early June on the anniversary of when I met my H2B.
  • dont worry 10 months isnt bad try 2 years weve only just set our date june 2010

  • dont worry 10 months isnt bad try 2 years weve only just set our date june 2010

  • LadyRukLadyRuk Posts: 834
    Wow 2 years? image That would really frustrate me.. Patience is NOT one of my virtues image
  • Hi Ellie & other Girlies

    I am not so new but had abandoned wedding planning for a bit and now panicking as its 14th June 09 at Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire - not too far away from your date !

    No Children yet waiting till we get back from honeymoon - good job too as I went to a work party at the weekend and taking OH was like taking a toddler except you cant just pick him up and carry him to where you want him to be! - He was good though!

    The time between getting engaged, booking date and the day is going both slowly and fast - if that is atall possible , what are everyones plans and how far have you gott? x
  • LadyRukLadyRuk Posts: 834
    I have an outfit but no date set haha, I've picked out my florist (she walked through the door at work with a lovely bunch of flowers for someone and we got chatting), I've picked out H2B's suit, my reception venue but until I set a date I can't really do much with any of those things image
  • Hi my name is Clare, I totally get the patience thing, we are planning to wed on 12th june 2009 and I just can't wait I wanna organise evrything now!!
  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    just engaged image planning for November 2010 i dont know where to start image
  • hey I'm suzi, I got engaged in october 2007, planning to get married on the 9th may 2009, mot long now, My H2B thought that was a long time to wait!! it shows how much he knows about what needs organising. I've got my reception venue, church, dress, bridesmaid dresses, the next things are the flowers and the invatations!!!!
  • Hi

    Im Jodie, getting married at Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield @ 2pm on 4th June 2011 image

    Met H2B when I was working with him at HSBC. Office romance lol.

    Good luck with the planning, this site is great. If you want to know something about anything - you can bet its on here!!!!!

  • hi girls, im annemarie, im 24, im also getting married on may 1st, 2010, we booked it in january and this year has just flew by! im getting married in donegal.
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