being a mrs at uni

Hey, just wondering if anyone gets scared and nervous at the thought that they are going to soon be called 'Mrs ...'.

Im at uni and wondering what people's reactions will be, and also how easy it will be to change my details for registers and loans etc. Anyone else got married half way through uni?

Sorry I know this is jumbled, but sometimes the thought that im going to be married this time next year scares me a bit. Just wanted to ask other young brides points of view???

Thanks xxxxxxxx


  • Hi,

    I got married this July and have one year left at Uni (I dropped back a year so I would have graduated this year with my husband, but he's married as a Masters student).

    I was a bit worried to begin with but I've got nothing but good reactions so far from people I know at Uni. It's unusual but I'm sure I've noticed the odd person with wedding and engagement rings as well. You shouldn't have anything to worry about regarding peoples reaction...once you're married people won't have anything nasty to say about your decision to marry whilst young and still a student.

    I found it very easy to change my name - I went to Registry with my marriage certificate and they sorted it out for me. And staff in my department were really excited for me, wanting to see my ring and everything, it really touched me.

    There may be some teething problems to begin with to update your name on all the various systems within your University but they'll get there eventually, and if they get it wrong correct them. But keep an eye on it because I went back to Registry after 3 months and they hadn't updated it on the system yet so I couldn't register in my new name but all sorted now.

    I filled out my application for student loan in my new married name before I was married but wrote at what date that it would take effect. After the event they'll want copy of marriage certificate. If in doubt call your LEA and they'll help you out when it's time to apply for loans again.

    Don't be scared of people's reactions, look forward to being married and be proud and enjoy it!

    Jack wife x
  • Hi

    i wouldnt worry about getting married whilst a student. the thing to remember is that there are so many mature and postgrad students out there who get married / get divorced / have children whilst at uni and part of the "system".

  • Hi

    i wouldnt worry about getting married whilst a student. the thing to remember is that there are so many mature and postgrad students out there who get married / get divorced / have children whilst at uni and part of the "system".

  • Hi, I am a postgrad and am getting married in June, I have some lectures with undergrads and between us all there are 2 of us engaged, 3 married and 1 divorsed! people just get excited when you tell them, enjoy it!
  • I'm the same! this time next year i will be married and be in my third year at uni. I have seen a few people engaged and married but older students. I do know,however, 2 people that are engaged that arent on my course and one lovely girl whose now my friend who had three girls her oldest will be ten by the time she graduates!

    I honestly wouldnt worry about it, should take that advice myself.

    The thing i had is everyone i know is going out getting drunk (h2b was one of them though)....and im just not like that but then people think its because im going to get married and they disinclude me in a lot of things. Just now means i know who my true friends are...they may be slim but hey!

    A lot of students i do know love it so just enjoy that part. I'm worried about changing my name and whether i have to do it before i marry (cos we marry during the summer). they have so many problems with data here that i will not be surprised if they dont sort it.

    I cant wait until i get my graduation certificate and see Mrs sarah Johnson image so no matter what grade i get there will still be a smile on my face

  • So glad other ppl are engaged at uni i am in 3rd year and have just got engaged and was worried about peoples reactions. I am not sure about changing names at uni but know a few married people on my course
  • hallenee,

    thats horrible!!!!!!!! what course are you on? 20 is hardly child bride!
  • We got engaged (and moved in together) when I was at college. But we decided to wait with the wedding until I will finish my education. But wedo have married ppl on our course.

    Iam graduating from uni this july and we are marrying in september, flying to our honeymoon and then i am planning to get a proper job)))

    I think you should not be scared or nervous about being mrs. You should be happy!!!! ;\)

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  • hi y'all i think i'd be joining your club now as we are now getting married in july... i'll FINALLY be eligible for grants!
  • Hi, I'm getting married next month and I'm in my final year at Uni. I won't be changing my name, thus I'll remain a 'Ms'. But were I going to be a 'Mrs', I really wouldn't worry about what others think! Plus there are more young married people at uni than you might thinkimage
  • Hi! I'm in my third year, and getting married in August - so I'll graduate with my maiden name (even though it's after the wedding - I did all the work as a Miss and I think it'll make more sense to my friends and lecturers!). However, I'll be starting my postgrad as a Mrs, as will my H2B be starting his as a married man. I'm really looking forward to it.

    Part of me is a little jealous at those of you getting married sooner! However, getting a good degree (a first!) is very important to me, and I know I wouldn't be able to balance wedding planning with studying. Thats not to say I don't think other people could do it - I just know it'd distract me too much!
  • im hopefully starting uni in january and im only 23 and already married. i was wondering what peoples reactions would be like becasue everyone at my new job was shocked that i am married and have a daughetr who starts school next sept!

    no one says negative things except, didnt you want to enjoy going out clubbing ect but i think thats more to do with having my daughter than anything so i just explain that me and hubby do go clubbing we just go together or out with our friend seperatly.

    i think coz i look younger people assum im younger than 23.

    anyway dont worry about what others say or think its your life, enjoy it xx

  • any brides who are at uni worried about getting all their work done and planning a wedding? i get wed on 6th june, i think we will break up for summer mid may, im starting to worry about getting all my work done and in right before the wedding!?
  • you will probably break up for easter end of march and when you go back will only have exams (less your in 3rd year then it will be dissertation as well). I am in the same boat as you but luckily i dont have exams but i do i have a dissertation to do. The best thing to do it just dont leave essays till the last minute, and if your sat at home just watching tv work on your laptop at the same time.

    Hope that helps

    Jodie x
  • hi jodie, i dont have exams im doing fine art so we have to prepare for a final major project, thats whats worring me most! xxx
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