for sale? 1-2 yr old suit

not sure if there is a separate board for this but i will try!

have put it on ebay as didnt know how to get the photo link to work

item no 160292187742

link if it will work??


  • anyone??? didnt sell on ebay, for 99p!

    wish i found it for 99p
  • gemz0112gemz0112 Posts: 488
    I need a suit for my nepthew, our wedding is in September 09 and he will be 17 months old. I like the suit im just not sure it will fit
  • you can have it if you like, it is in the bag to go to the charity shop at mo, would rather someone used it x
  • gemz0112gemz0112 Posts: 488
    do you think it will fit him? How much do you want for it? x
  • my son was 20 months when he wore it you can have it if you email me youyr address i will post it then you wont havve lost anything if it doesnt fit

    [email protected]
  • gemz0112gemz0112 Posts: 488
    thanks, ive emailed you x
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