Thanks for the advise hall booked, hog roast booked this site really worked for me ty xx

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  • hey!

    i'm not from suffolk, but I just thought I'd give you some reassurance that you can have a good day on a budget! try looking at village halls, or pubs to hold the reception. there are some lovely ones around my area so i'm sure its similar to you!

    for the meal, question whether you really want a sit down meal or could yuou go for a buffet? how about a hog roast!? (much cheaper)

    good luck though!! i'm sure you'll be fine and pick up loads of tips here. i am!
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    Here's a list of civil wedding venues in your area:


    though of course you could go further afield! or you might want to be married in a church.

    once you have decided your ceremony venue, I would then look for halls and pubs or restaurants for hire in the nearby area (walkable if possible to keep costs down). Pubs and halls where you bring in your own catering tend to be a lot cheaper than "wedding venues" where they do it all for you, though there are exceptions.

    As princesspacker says you will keep costs much lower if you can avoid the sit down meal... go for a buffet or hog roast, or even just a drinks party with lots of nibbles.

    Oh and weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends if that would suit you.

    best of luck!

  • Happy to say all sorted thanks for your replys xx
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