september 2010 wedding

I am new to the website joined friday getting married sept 2010 found the venue and church and were booking in january. amyone else getting married around then:\)

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  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I get married in July 2010.

    I have to say if you know the venue and church u want then book it now!!!

    September is a popular time for weddings - it would be awful if you couldn't get the places you wanted.

  • hey im getting maried in september 2009
  • hi im getting married June 2010 got venue and church sorted is this to early my friend sometimes shouts me down over my wedding plans! my friend is getting married before me in nov 09 (we were engaged first may i add) and i cant help thinking r wedding has been slightly over shadowed by theirs now i am extremly happy for them but dont get me wrong anyone else got anything like this to deal with?
  • Hello image We are getting married on the 4th of September 2010 and so far have booked venue and photographer and I have ordered my wedding dress and bridesmaids so pretty organised!

  • hiya im getting married on 22nd may 2010

    i have got venue church photographer, saxophonist, booked, bridemaids dresses chosen and paid deposit, going to look after xmas for my dress and started making all my wedding stationary, so hopefully im pretty organised
  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey im getting married in september 2010 hopeing for the 4th...know what venue i want and booking in january!!!

    people keep telling me to book now but we have two small kiddies and christmas is on the way so we just dont have the money so everyone keep ya fingers crossed that i can get the venue in january!!!

    good luck planning girlies!

    loadza luv x x x
  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    we are hoping for november 2010 image got a short list of venues need go see soon x
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