Anyone doing boidoir shoot?


Anyone thinking of having a boudoir shoot done as a gift for h2b.. or just a gift to yourself?

I was thinking of having it done.. then was lucky enough to win a free one with a local photographer and now I'm really excited!

Only problem is.. the wedding is a year away and I'm gonna have to keep it a secret for that long, I'm crap at keeping secrets from him! lol.

Kay x


  • SquitSquit Posts: 363
    hey lookatthestars,

    yea I'm thinking of having a shoot done but h2b knows coz he'll have to take me-lol. haven't booked it yet tho as not getting married til 2010 but apparently they are booking up quick so I need to get my act together! Its gonna be so much fun tho!

    good luck with yours xx image

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  • the photographer i have is a darling she offers bouidor shoots her internet address is she has some photos on there
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    I've done a shoot with Mighty Aphrodite, I loved it - it was a great experience and I was really pleased with the photos. I did mine at the beginning of the month and as my h2b was in hospital having his appendix out I ended up showing him the photos and letting him choose the 12 for the album, so I didn't end up having to keep it secret!
  • i'd love to have a shoot done, but i've heard that they're expensive and we're on a tight budget
  • elley20elley20 Posts: 246
    i was think of having one done, but not sure we can afford it. im rubbish with secrets as well
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    Im paying £225 for 23 pictures in a little album at tempted stafford, will be posting pics about december.

    Im going in two weeks!

    h2b has to wait 7 months to get them though!
  • im booking for myself and my sister to go to Venus Boidoir in Worksop

    im having a ablum for my H2B

    but they do a £50 package with 2 prints included and £25 for a make-up and hair make over if you want it:\)
  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    Mrs Moslin 2b where is Venus in worksop? I am from there image and have been looking at somewhere to have one of these done for a few months now? x x x
  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    Ive just googled them im so excited now, cant believe i never knew they existed!! when have you booked for? do you think they will "airbrush" my pics haha x x x
  • Yes I'm gettin one done too but having trouble choosing. Can anyone recommend a copmpany in Scotland/Aberdeen??
  • I really would like to get one of these done but can't find anywhere in Kent? Can anyone recommend please?
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    my shoot with tempted was great, waiting on my photobook!

  • Hi Katiekins29,

    Im going to book for sometime in June, I get married in July and when i spoke to them they advised they dont need as much time as some of the bigger company's.

    I am really looking forward to going, they have said they will do one of me and my sis together (to keep for ourselves as proof of what we have done)
  • I'm doing it for my man, he'll get a book under his pillow the night before the wedding!

    Liz, my photographer, does a mix of lingerie and nude images. I'm really excited/nervous at the prospect but she's been fab and offered tons of advice.

    Just need to get some nice lingerie now!

    Liz goes anywhere if you can't get to her so I'd thoroughly recommend her

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  • podge717podge717 Posts: 188
    hey estjaye,

    im in forres and did a shoot a few weeks ago with captiv8 photography. it was a male photographer but he was absolutely fantastic! i had such a great, fun time&the whole thing was really relaxed. he doesn't advertise boudior but i emailed him anyway and he gave me several pricing options. i've already seen a few of the photos and they're more than i could of asked for. hope thats of some help,

    x x x
  • lisaw87lisaw87 Posts: 325
    i was going to do it as a pressy but cant afford it, so H2B and me are thinking about doing 1 together, just got to book it as i think they are booked up b4 my wedding...
  • I have just been in touch with the lady that is doing the photos for our wedding and asked her if she did boidoir pics and she does image

    I am so excited!!

    Thinking of getting some done of me in Bridal underwear with garter and veil choosing the best one then placing it in a box on top of some nice Red tissue paper with a sexy little messgae written on the back of the picture! What do you think ??

    She only charges £20 for the actual shoot and then you buy what you want image

    She provides the probs but need to do own hair and make up.

    What sort of items are you ladies taking along with yo
  • The pic in the box would be for a gift for h2b to open on the morning of the wedding image
  • Hi girls,

    Im definitely thinking of having one, my photographer offers it an an additional cost of £65, I imagine i'll be quite embarrassed but my photgapher is lovely and it will be such a special gift for h2b!!

  • hi

    i'm not sure if i am going to have one yet although i would like to but i'm too self concious at the moment! xxx
  • Oh my goodness.

    I have just booked my appointment for June 4th, im really nervous but cant wait,

    I just know my H2B will love it
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