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get amazon vouchers or cash writing reviews on line

i am joining lots of on line survey sites etc and had an invitation to join this one.

its called and you can review anything and everything i have reviewed my pram and my breed of dog!

each review over 150 words you write you get 500 points and when you get to 10000 you get a £10 amazon vouvcher or if you wait till your at 50000 points yo can have a £50 cheque

you can get extra points by having your reviews rated by other members too

if i invite you i get 500 points so please email me your email at [email protected] or if your worried i am dodgey! its

thanks x


  • I spend most of my time doing surveys and competitions online, I win fairly often, and have had some good prizes, my email is [email protected]

    the surveys pay well too. ive just done an online focus group and made 40 pounds for an hours time

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  • DisneyCMFDisneyCMF Posts: 1,718
    I think I must be doing something wrong. I seem to spend ages filling in surveys on Ciao and YouGov and have only made about £20 combined over the last 3/4 months.

    What am I doing wrong?
  • jodaho88jodaho88 Posts: 2,356
    Yeah, i'd quite like to know how you make so much money out of it? Are we doing something wrong??

  • this one i put above is my fave so far as you do as much as you want when ever you like dont have to wait for surveys to come through

    i ahve been doing 2 a night which gives me 1000 points a day so a tenner voucher every 10 days not bad for 10 mins a night

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