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Any Norfolk brides?

Hi, I'd love to chat to some brides in the norfolk / east anglia areas about which suppliers etc you recommend / warn against!


  • Hiya! I'm form Norfolk. Only just moved here though. How long have you got until the big day?
  • hiya! i'm getting married in drayton, norwich on 11 july 09 so not long to go now really! how about yourself?
  • End of Aug 09 in Norwich.

    Is there personal email on this forum? We should totally swap suppliers!
  • absolutely...PM me with your email!

    I can recommend two florists (can't decide between them! lol) and a photographer in the area so far....i still need to book a cake maker and band/dj.
  • I have the best cakemaker and a possible DJ we can't make our mind up about.

    Just going to email you!
  • Eeek how do I do it can't how to anywhere!
  • i just changed my preferences so you should be able to email me via the button below this post now image
  • hi ya, im getting married in norfolk, a small village called mundford! only 33 days to go!! omg!!!xx
  • Hi Persephone85,

    Did you get my email?
  • hi, i'm from caister-on-sea, getting married at cliff hotel, gorleston on 3rd jan 2009, if any can help in any way please e-mail me.
  • any norfolk brides in need of caterers within a budget? xx
  • oooh there's a few of us - great! how's the planning going ladies?
  • Hey

    I'm a norfolk bride can anyone help with favour ideas etc?
  • sure, ggfinny, what sort of wedding theme/colour are you having? im sure i can think of a few ideas!
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