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Im 22 I've been married since july 07 recently a few friend have started to get engaged wedding coming up and they agreeded with me on this just wondered if you have found the same.....

When I was planning my wedding although friends got excited (and optimistic) for me when it came to then Hen night I did find that my friend were to young to really get into it werent that interested, I was lucky and own my own bussiness so had the money but because my friend were younger most students they didnt no-one took charge organising the type of hen nights you read about in the magazines the most they were going to manage was a piss up in town which really isnt my seen. My friends that are now getting married have said the have noticed this although i'd never expect them to spend loads that they cant afford. Its more that they just dont get into it full stop would be nice if they got excited with you any thoughts.........



  • I completely agree with you. I'm 22 and have recently booked my wedding for 29/10/09. I texted evryone just to remind people to put holiday requests in at work (we are getting married on a weekday) and my 3 'best' friends didn't even text back to say congratulations. One just said 'oh, thats near my birthday'. I was abit pissed off at first because I thought, if it were the other way round, then I would have been totally excited for them. However, I do think I'm quite mature for my age (had own house from 18, am a teacher etc) so maybes thats why I'd react the way I would compared to them.

    Some of my friends are very excited but I feel that it should be my best friends who are wanting to get involved. Hopefully, I'll be going abroad for my hen-night, so I'll see whether they turn up for that. xxx
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    i agree completely. to begin with my friends weren't very excited atall. they never asked about wedding or h2b, but i was expected to listen to their man troubles.

    when my little boy was born they would get abit stroppy when i hadn't been out for a while. or if i cancelled plans as he was ill.

    i know when they have kids, things will be so different, i would never make them feel bad because their kids come before a night out.

    they have been much better lately, think now that the wedding is only 6weeks away, they are really excited now
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