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My Bridal Shop Experience

well i wanted to do this for those of us who are anxious about visiting a bridal shop...

before i went i want worried about their reaction to me both coz of my age and my size (i'm a 16) i had nightmares about looking like an elephant....(you get the picture)

well i rang for an appointment at opulence and grace they are based in worthing, west sussex.

on the day i was so nervous i couldn't eat breakfast, i had a date with my dream dress..i was worried i had built it up tooo much in my head...

i got there and they took me upstairs and gave me a mini pail of clothes pegs and i was told to peg any dresses i liked... i had also specified that i wanted alfred angelo 767....

they were really friendly and my bridesmaid and housemates were besides themselves... they were chatting so much but i went in i didn't mind that this lady whom i've never seen before was with me whilst i was in my underwear... she asked me to dive into THE dress... i came out stunned ...i didn't notice my wobbly arms and i never seen my tummy look so flat...(it isn't a corseted dress) i fet realy special.. my friends were speechless... and i tried other dresses on but no one came close to THE dress... except one sottero and midgley creation... she said i could try on my dress with a tiara and veil ... i knew for sure as that was the way i pictured me on my wedding day...

thats my experience... i hope it helps you guys know that there s nothing to worry about..i wish someone told me that... but it was the most fun i had ever!

x The engaged princess x


  • sorry for spelling errors i was typing too fast!
  • Aw hun sounds like you had a great time! Did you go for the alfred?
  • lauzyuklauzyuk Posts: 544 New bride
    Sounds like when i went to try on dresses, im also a 16, i tried a few on but they werent anything special until i tried on THE dress, omg i had to addmit i looked pretty damn goodimage lol you couldnt see my stomach, it was flat! i tried it with a veil and tiera and it was how i had imagined i would look so i brought the veil as well!.

    The ladies in the shop were really nice unlike some of the shops i went in, some were quite stuck up. xx
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    Thank you for posting this, I was getting a bit nervous of what to expect. Ive booked a few shop appt for xmas when i can go with my mum. though might take my mil2b and sil2b with me in a few weeks. x
  • I loved the first time I went dress shopping too. I went with my housemate and we were both very nervous and giggly beforehand. There were 2 dresses I really liked and they made me feel like a princess. I've never liked the way I look but I did in a wedding dress!
  • thanks for the post, i'm so nervous about going into any shops, for fear of being looked down by the assistants! but u've given me a vote of confidence knowing i'm not the only one!
  • You sound exactly like I did! I went for the first time a couple of weeks ago - I've been engaged since Christmas but was too scared to go before!!! I'm a size 18 and was so, so nervous about nothing fitting me, having to leave with my mum and bridesmaids all embarrassed. Well, I had an absolutely brilliant time!!! Went to 3 shops in London and every single one was so much fun. Obviously they weren't perfect fits, but you can get into all shapes of dresses and they panel the dresses so you get a perfect idea of what it would look like.

    Saying all that, I went to a shop in Tunbridge Wells last week and the girl was absolutely awful!!! She wasn't rude, but had absolutely no idea of what she was doing (to be fair, she only looked about 12 and obviously hadn't been working there long - though that did leave me a bit miffed as she shouldn't have been left to deal with me). I'm not sure I would have felt so confident if I'd been there first time. I'm not telling this to put anyone off, rather don't be upset if you get a bad experience - find the right shop and you'll feel like a princess (I found three on my first attempt!). Pretty sure I've found my dress, but want to keep looking for a little while - a girl can never try on too many princess dresses after all!!!

    If you're feeling nervous, bite the bullet, make some appts, take along someone you trust and just enjoy yourself. It should be the most exciting part of the planning process - and if it can be for me that's saying something!!!

    Massive congrats EngagedPrincess - so glad you enjoyed yourself so much! Do you have a pic of the dress? xxx
  • Aw im so happy for you,its the best feeling in the world when you find THE ONE

    x x x
  • this was similar to my a larger bride ...size 22-24...but when i put THE dress on i looked FANTASTIC (Even if i do say so myself!) lol

    Good luck to all you b2b's....and YAY FOR OUR DRESSES!!

  • sorry for thr late reply i haven't been on here for a very long time...uni is crazy at the moment. i posted it for ppl who were nervous like me! so i'm glad it helped!

    here's a picture of my dress!hope it works!i'm hopeles at posting pics! here goes!

    sorry it didn't work so here's a link

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