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handmade dresses off the internet???

any one had one made to measure for them??? good/bad experiance??? i'm gettin mine off one fingers crossed it will be ok. any comments???


  • Hey hun!

    I'm currently waiting for a BM dress to come from If you do a search on the forum for landy bridal or milly bridal there are looooads of posts where people are happy with their dresses.

  • thanks chick i hope it goes ok. i read some comments on sites and some were good and others were bad. getting nervous tho just want it to be nice

  • I think I'm going to order mine from Milly Bridal. Gonna wait til after xmas to order so I have time to put on and lose some weight, lol.

    Where are you going to get yours from?
  • I plan on getting mine from Milly Bridal, model WG0848 to be exact. And I too am hanging on till I've lost some weight!

    I read loads of reviews before I decided I was willing to risk this and I'm confident that even if it's not perfect to my eye, no one else would notice!
  • I got mine from Milly - was absolutley beautiful! I'm so pleased with it but i do need to get it taken up a bit because it's too long even though it was made to measure - everything else fits perfectly.
  • I'm getting mine from Landy once I've lost some weight. My best friend got hers from Landy and it was perfect. My cousin is getting her dress AND the bridesmaid dresses from Landy as well.

    I don't think I've heard of anyone having a bad experience.

    I have just one tip. Get a dressmaker to take your measurements and do them all. That way you are most likely to get a perfect fit.
  • Hi, I got mine just a couple of weeks ago. the dress is beautiful, but its too small. & even tho I know that it can be altered, I want the original one now!!!! so im gonna go & blow my budget!

  • lookatthestars i'm gettin mine from some shop in england i found the dress maker originally on ebay. was going to get it frm china (dead cheap)but saw a dress that came frm there an it ooked nothing like pic! my mum took my easurements so fingers crossed. its going to have alace up back so itgives an inch or so either way. can't wat to see it tho! my veil is cather=dral lengh and is frm america its gorgous! it himmers under lights its fantastic can't wait t wear it!

  • Hi Lookatthestars & Hayley.. when r ur weddings?? i too am looking to order from Milly image
  • oh my god my dress came in and it is gorgous!!!!!!! it is fantasticly made and i cant wait till my mother in law comes down so i can try it on!!!!!!!!!!

  • LottiukLottiuk Posts: 1,083
    I would really truly weigh up the risks and the chance you might end up buying one new. I have seen loads of new origninal dresses for £300 to £500. Which isnt that much more than the £100-200 copies, plus you get the lovely bridal boutique experience and are guaranteed to get what you expect.

    It might be a very expensive mistake if the dress isnt everything you hoped for.

    either way - good luck with the dress hunt! I havent found mine yet!
  • I have had mine from, it came really quite quickly and it is amazing, i must say it is not exactly the same as the pitcure but still stunning, they do a great reange and list the measurements or you can give your own. The only thing is they come from China so afterwards I did worry about who was making it due to all the talk of child labour on things like this. It may just sound daft!! It was only £75.00 though with £35.00 for shipping!!
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