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so. how young is young?

I expect I'm too old for this section at 28/29

but I don't feel old enough for older brides either....


  • lydblydb Posts: 50
    I've just gone 21, but would have to agree with you on that one... i would have thought a typical 'older' bride would be late 30's/early forties.... forgive me if that sound rather naive and rude everyone!! ...
  • I am 31 and dont think I am old enough for the other section - maybe we should start a new one!! Late twenties/early thirties!!
  • I agree Suzy girl i have been pondering over this for a while lol!!!
  • im just turning 21 a few months before my wedding. all my friends think im mad xx
  • I don't think it matters how old you are as long as you know in your heart he is the one! I am 23.
  • I'm 25 got engaged when I was 17 though! H2B is 31 so bit of an age gap, but makes no difference now. People really frowned on us when I was 16 and he was 23 though!
  • its weird how age gaps matter less the older you get!! madness. my h2b is 4 years older than me so not too bad and the older we get the less we notice. i think marriages can work out at any age as long as you grow older together and not grow apart as you get older, communication is the key!! image
  • I was 17 when we got engaged, and will be 21 when we marry. There is a 7yr age gap between me & h2b.
  • i was 17 when we met and 18 when we got engaged, im 21 now too but will be 22 by the time we get married, good to know im not my own girls lol! we also already have 2 children together image
  • i'm 25 which compared to most people on this forum is old, but i still think it's quite young! only a couple of my friends are married, some are nowhere near getting married. my h2b is the same age, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary last weekend!
  • i was 15 when we got together 17 when we moved out 18 when we got engaged 19 now and will be 20 when we marry, hows that for teenage years??!! lol
  • I will be 34 when we get married but we've been together since we were 17 (we're getting wed on our 17th anniversary). I didn't expect to get married at all never mind to have wrinkles (me) and crows feet (him)!!!
  • 21aug0521aug05 Posts: 313
    im 27 same age as my HTB we have been today for 14 years and again only 3 of my friends are married some still living at home! also we have a 3 year old son.
  • 25 is still young! alot of my h2b's friends are 25/26 and getting married, 10 years is really something at just 25 you must be made for eachother!
  • lydblydb Posts: 50
    I say we should all go off shoe size instead!!
  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    i'll be only 28 next monday but feel ancient now, especially since this will be my second marriage (first time i got married at 20, it lasted 6 years)!!!!

    I'll be 29 when we get to thw wedding day! image
  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    Oh, and there were 8.5 years between me and first hubby, 6.5 year between me and h2b (something about older men)
  • hi all, i'm 22 however h2b is 30, i just fell head over heals for his charms and goodlooks, oh and he bought me a gucci bag for my birthday when we'd only been going out 3 weeks ha ha !!!!!!
  • hi everyone, i'm 23 and will still be 23 when i get married (will turn 24 a month later) my h2b is 31 right now but will be 32 when we tie the knot, we've been together ever since i was 18, and i completely adore my man!
  • GalenaukGalenauk Posts: 218
    hmmmm. I still don't feel like I belong in either section, really.
  • hi iv jst got engaged and im 19 my h2b is 26 and i will b 22 when we marry

    i have been told im far too young and that 7 yrs is a massive age gap and that im ruining my life and all the rest of it

    my parents even made me sign my car over to them as they disapprove so when i talk about age and marriage and the reactions of people who dont understand i no what im talking about - unfortunately.

    i was so pleased to discover this forum as it has given me sum peace of mind to know im not the only one out there engaged young or that the age gap matters

    so thank you image

  • Hi All,

    Im 19 and im getting marride in May! i dont think im to young admitly my friends do but i have always been more grown up and i am so happy with what i am doing and so are my parents! there is a 7 year age gap between me and my h2b! but we get on so great that it will never bother us! this is just the begin and i cant wait to live the rest of my life with the man i love!

    Hope you all feel the same no matter how young or old! as long as you know its FOREVER!! image

  • I am getting married in Aug and will be 24 then, H2B will be 31, although we never notice the age gap(with women being more mature and all!!)! I have experienced different opinions from people close to us, his friends are mostly married/getting married, so its no big deal to them. Some of my friends have acted like I'm mad and think I'm too young, some are jealous and wish their man would commit! I think its only your opinions that matter-and just cos your getting married you don't have a ball and chain on - you are still your own people - but are also lucky enough to have each other!
  • Also bmouthbride where are you getting married thats where we're from?

  • i'm not sure if i am too old for this section... i am 23 now, will be 24 when we marry, everyone says i am mad!
  • i am 23 and getting married a few days after my 25th birthday, there is twenty years between me and my h2b, i have never seen it as a problem and people who know us dont either, but on paper it seems strange. and I am not sure if i am a young bride or not???
  • NoLongerAJones!

    I'm getting married at Sopley Mill in Hampshire in july! I think it's the venue thats suited us both the most and is also quite cheap in comparison to some other places in and around dorset e.g Rhinefield House, although very beautiful is something ridicolous like £11k to hire!
  • MaireadbroMaireadbro Posts: 2,300
    Well I am way too old for this section - lol!

    I am 42 - met at 40,he is 47 and neither of us has been married before! Infact first guy I have ever lived with!!
  • Oh my gosh, I can really relate to all you ladies! I've been planning my big day since I was 19, and at 21 when I actually get married, I guess I'm a pretty young bride. I don't think there's many family and friends taking our wedding seriously at all because of our age. -Almost as if we're just going through a phase. I wish more people could be happier for us image xx (sorry to be depressive)
  • I wouldn't of thought I was too young for this forum at 25 (I hope not)!!
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