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emarital counseling

well my fiance and i have to do premarital counseling... and we both really want to its not like we dont but he is gone in tech school in Texas and i live in MN.... so here is my question.... i need a ligit online or movie or book for premarital counseling that counts in MN. any ideas?????


  • I have never heard of pre-marital counselling over here in the UK. Is it an American thing then?
  • no christians mainly do it... try books by norman wright.. on amazon it usually is over 5 weekends so you could do it. face to its really important...or do the book anything is better than nothing..
  • newt88newt88 Posts: 360
    Try looking on the Holy Trinity Brompton website. They run all sorts of courses and have dvd's that you watch and then discuss with h2b. It's set up by Christians but there isn't any real Christian input. Just morals. Everyone I know who has done it has really enjoyed doing it and it has helped them to join together and work for each other and not seperatley.

    Hope that helps.

  • yeah thats the one we're doing with my church

  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I've heard some Roman Catholic Churches insist on a short course the 2 of you do together. And apparently they have it in some Protestant Churches too. There was a vicar on the TV years ago that was talking about the course at his church. When asked by the interviewer if he thought it was a good course and if it helped couples, he said he knew of 2 couples who decided not to marry after doing that course! To him this was a success story (as in it's better for them to split up now before they get to the altar....!)

    Our vicar didn't have anything like that on offer. I wouldn't have minded doing it and neither would my partner. We have good communication with each other though and since we're both 50 years old I think we're mature enough to know what we're getting into with each other!

    Bambagirl x
  • meeztmeezt Posts: 19
    H2B and I are doing marriage prep with a couple from Church, we basically go round for dinner and a chat, we also have a couple of books that we do 'homework' from (mainly talking things through together) It's really helpful. You an also buy a marriage course in mp3 format from american Church websites (maybe even itunes)

    I wouldn't advise anyone to marry without doing it!!
  • my h2b and are are doing a marriage prep course through the church in the uk, im looking forward to it, h2b isnt but he is an atheist and seems to think the sessions will be aimed at converting him!!! silly boy!
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