Surrey Brides?

Hi all

Any b2b's on here from Surrey? I'm 24 and getting married in 2010 - a long way off I know but I can't get enough of wedding talk!!

Mrs Ward 2B xx


  • Hello!

    I'm a Surrey bride too (Guildford), currently 23 and looking at a 2010 wedding too. Only recently engaged so got no firm plans yet!

    S2010 x
  • Hi

    Im a surrey bride also 23 and getting married 29 may 2010 (543 days to be precise) Im so excited, got engaged 2 months ago.

    Congratulations xx

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    Hi Ladies!!

    I'm in Woking so not far from Guildford!! We got engaged in August this year after 9 months together and although we've decided what we want for our wedding we've not yet got round to booking anything! We've got a provisional date of 17th July 2010 and I can't believe its only 19months away!! How long have you been with your h2b's and have you got any ideas for your big days yet??

    Mrs Ward 2b xxx
  • Hi

    Im in Camberley! we got engaged on 6th Oct this year, and we have been together for 3 1/2 years (took lots of nagging).

    We have booked Clandon Park, love at first sight, for the ceromony and wedding breakfast, and hoping to stay somewhere close by with most of our guests, but thats as I (sorry we) have got, oh and the deposits have been paid, have you looked at any venues yet xx
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    Hi Mrs Sykes 2b

    My h2b's cousin recently had her reception (i still can't get used to calling it the breakfast!!) at Clandon Regis Golf Club - is that the same place? If it is, it was so beautiful there, but then its lovely all around there really! We're hoping to get married at Witley Church (I grew up in witley and went to the church school etc) and then have the reception at the local village hall which is a couple of minutes away!! We want to stay at the Four Season's hotel in Hook for our wedding night though - far away from all the guests! We'll be booking church/venue in January and then the fun starts with everything else! i can't wait to go dress shopping!!
  • Hi Mrs Ward 2b

    Your plans sound lovely, oh no sorry its Clandon Park in West Clandon, its a national trust site near guildford just off the A25, the golf club look lovely but wont tell h2b that because he loves golf and will want to change.

    I havent started dress shopping yet got some weight to shed but really looking foward to it, the four seasons looks amazing, may have to persuade h2b to want to stay there, shouldnt take much.

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    Oh yeah I know Clandon Park - I remember I looked at that for a venue now! It will be so lovely so definately don't tell your H2B about Clandon Regis!!

    I've stayed at the Four Seasons before for a work xmas do so I know that its lovely there and when I told my fiance he was very excited about going there! My MIL is paying for it too which is fantastic!

    So when did you get engaged? and how? I don't know about you but I still can't believe i'm getting married and I literally look at the ring about 25 times a day and i'm stilll suprised to see it there!!

  • The four season does look amazing, may take a little trip down there and have a look!

    He proposed on his birthday 6th October in Turkey, on this little peninsular which has this gorgeous wrought iron arch on a walkway which goes out to sea, was very romantic, I wanted to get married there but his family wont fly, but i wouldnt change it for the world it was perfect.

    I was in so much shock all i could say was oh oh oh, my parents were there hiding and they took pictures and filmed it. Took me completely by suprise.

    Yep look at it every second i get and show it off all the time, i think people are starting to get a bit bored with me and my ring. Oh well im engaged!!! yay!!

    How about you, how did you ge engaged?

  • Ooh am Guildford too - getting wed next May in the reg office. We have booked weydown house for the reception - it's beautiful and right opposite!
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    The Four Seasons is one of the nicest hotels i've stayed in so I would highly recommend it! It's got amazing facilites and really lovely surroundings too so a nice get-away from all the wedding palarva!!

    He proposed in a tent, late at night, in the middle of a storm in Woolacombe, Devon! I can't explain to you how shocked I was when he suddenly produced the ring and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked I momentarily forgot to say yes!! He'd asked my parents before hand which was so sweet and he'd got the ring I'd seen a few months before too! It was so perfect and I (like you) wouldn't change it for the world! And my work colleagues/friends/family are a bit sick of the ring too I think but I don't care! I'm still going to be flashing it about in years to come I'm sure!! I'm engaged and happy and thats all that matters!!

    It's so nice to have someone else to chat to about this stuff - i've only got one friend who is getting married around the same time but I don't get to see her that often so i've got no other girls to chat wedding stuff with!! Is your H2B quite involved in the planning side of things or would he rather it was all done for him!?

    Katie (Mrs Ward 2b) xxx
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    Hi DragonMummy!!

    Wow I can't believe there's people on here that actually live near me! All other posts i've seen on other topics seem to be either people from Kent or people up north!! Nice to see some Surrey girls on here!!

    I'm guessing you must be quite far along in your plans if the big day is next May - hows it all going?

  • Oh wow, thats definatley one to remember. When you said you momentarily forgot to say yes, i did exactley the same, he kept asking me over and over, bless.

    Yeah i dont know anyone else getting married, although h2bs brother has just got married and his wife is way over excited about our wedding now, which is nice.

    I completely agree, Its so good to be able to talk to other people that are getting married. I also have to travel miles to see any friends and family, moved here from h2bs job, so I just bore them over the phone (I'm loving every minute thou).

    He is a bit too involved for my liking, he he. he's decided the size, food, whos coming whos not, band/DJ. all i have done is pick colours, think i might have to pull the reigns in on him from now

    How about you is your h2b getting involved? have you decided on any colours or anything like that yet?



  • Hi DragonMummy

    Oo how exciting! You havent got long, hows the plans

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    Hehe - mine is exactly the same! Wants to be involved every step of the way! Bless him - i'd rather that than him not care at all what happens cos at least it shows he really care's about the day!

    and yeah, the proposal will definately not be forgotten!! I still feel all funny when I think back to it! it was in August but its still like it was yesterday! Our poor men - what they have to go through to get our hand in marriage eh! Was your H2B nervous? Mine was so quiet all day and I should have known something was up but I just assumed he was tired from the early morning to go camping!!

    So how far away do your friends and family live then? it must be pretty difficult not seeing them but at least you can chat over the phone and its so exciting talking weddings! H2B's sister is unbelievably excited (she's going to be MofH) and just sends me random text messages saying how she can't wait for the wedding!! Goodness knows what she'll be like nearer the time!! I thought I was bad enough!! haha!

    So what colours have you decided on? has there been anything yet that you haven't agreed on or are you both pretty similar in what you want?

    Katie xxx

    p.s we've decided near enough everything - colours are Burgundy and Ivory, we've got our table names sorted (we're going for a bit of a theme!!), favours, i've even seen a dress that I want and know what the bridesmaids are going to wear too! Flowers have been decided, mum is making the cake and H2B is organising the car!! We've just got to actually get down and book some stuff now!! xx

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  • Hi I got engaged on h2b birthday, 9th October, in china. I am 24 And from Surrey. Getting married and having the reception at great fosters on 5th June 2010 in egham. So excited. Holding off dress shopping till early next year as don't want to do it all too soon! X
  • Yeah its better than him not caring. Oh he was a wreck, we had already been on holiday for 4 days and he hadn't actually set a date to do it he just went for the moments right, which looking back is a bit odd because nevers is usually right for him.

    Its a bit of a pain, my friends and family live in south east london near Bromley and my parents have just moved to Colchester for my dads new job, its about 60 miles to friends and 120m to my parents. Ah thats good you having his sister as MofH im having my little sister as mine shes 21 next month, Ah i love it when you get little mssages like that, they mean the most.

    Are you having any other bridemaids?

    Going for a Sage green, Champagne gold and Ivory, I hope I stick to that but I change my mind alot, quite subtle, very unlike me but would suit the venue to a T, and green is my favourite colour, for now!

    How about you any thoughts for yours?


  • Ooh you are all sorted, yeah we decided on favours last night actually green & blacks mini bars they're mine and H2bs fsvourite I like butterscotch and he like the dark ginger so were giving those. I have seen a dress but I dont think it'll suit me im only 5'2. looks like it will suit someone tall, but i will try it on any way in the new year xx
  • hi ljcsurrey

    Congratulations! H2bs are nice sharing their birthdays with us, I certainly wouldn't share mine, he he, less presents. lol

  • @MrsWard2b - its madness - I never knew how damaging organising a wedding is to your health!!! I am not on speaking terms with half of my family and I have had to sack TWO bridesmaids - they were REFUSING to wear a dress!! Wtf??? Is that not the POINT of being a BM??? image

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  • I'm in Godalming so just outside Guildford. I'm not strictly speaking a young bride either- I just saw the topic! I'm 28 and have been with my DF since 2001. We have a little boy who is 2.
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    Morning ladies!

    DragonMummy - i used to live in Farncombe and H2B works in Godalming!! My hometown!! haha! And wow have you been through the mill with your organising!! How on earth do you go about firing bridesmaids!! lol! I can't understand them not wanting to wear a dress - thats all my bridesmaids are excited about!! And 28 is still young!!

    Elise - your colour scheme sounds totally gorgeous - don't change it!! And i'm sure that if you try on the dress you like you'll realise that it won't matter how short or tall you are! They might be able to make some adjustments to it and raise the hem so it fits perfectly!! Green & Blacks chocolate is heavenly - good choice for your favours!! We're having little paper bags of old fashioned penny sweets/chews for ours as our theme is 80's!! I'm also having my sister as bridesmaid so just the 2 - was thinking of having H2B's neice and nephew aswell but think it'll be easier with the 2 older girls instead!

    I know it sounds terrible but I told my H2B that when he proposed he wasn't to do it on any day that was for anything else, so no birthdays/anniversarys or xmas or new year!! lol! It's so selfish but I wanted our engagement to have its own special date seperate from everything else! But now you have said about getting engaged on their birthdays - I so think that is sweet! Imagine every birthday for him now he's going to remember the day he proposed to you and got to have you as his wife!! awwwwwwwww!!

    Hi ljcsurrey - congratulations and welcome to our chat!! lol! That must have been an amazing proposal in China!! lucky you! Where abouts in Surrey are you? How exciting is the prospect of dress shopping - I can't wait!!!

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    Elise :

    Just thought I would link you this incase you don't see it in the other post - they've got some really gorgeous dresses similar to what I think your colour scheme is (green, gold, champagne) and BHS is pretty cheap I think!

    Katie xx
  • Hi Katie

    ha ha, Hopefully I wont change my mind, haveing retro sweet is a great idea, i bought some a while back from a website cant remember where thou.

    Thats a great little find thanks for that, I found this website today they're based in england and you get to design the dresses how ever you want them, not expensive either

    I may, if i havent turned into bridezilla by then let the bridesmaids design their own, with my say so of course

    Wow, your ring is georgous

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    Hey Elise!

    Thanks - thought I would put it up as my avatar for now so I can show it off to a few more people!! lol - how sad!!

    I'm gonna go take a look at that website I think - although I've seen my dream dress I would love to design my own!! And thats a great idea to let the bridesmaids do their own too - mine would probably hyperventilate at the thought of that!!

    Yeah we've seen a few websites to get retro sweets but the cheapest we've actually found is at cash & carry! We could do over 100 people for under £50!! Bargain!

    H2B is out at his xmas party tonight so its just little ole me and a nice large glass of Rose tonight!! lol!

    Katie xxx
  • DragonMummy - nice to see someone else in Guikdford! Do you have any web links for info on weydown house? I justs did a quick google and no luck!

    Mrs Wardto be - I work in Woking image

    I've been with my fiance (eek!) for 4 years now and he proposed on our 4 year anniversary just at home one evening. image Got a beautiful emerald-cut diamond that he picked out himself and i LOVE it!

    We haven't yet any firm plans yet, probably Dec 2010. Found a church we like just outside guildford, although its not in our parish so we need to check the priest is happy to marry us (stressful!!). I like the look of Clandon park too, but also Gate Street Barn and Burchatts Barn (very cheap!). Going to sort the church out before we get any further!
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    Hi Sophie 2010

    I love that people are so local!! I've literally just moved to Woking 4 weeks ago and we love it so much! I used to live in Farncombe so not far from Guildford and I go out there quite a lot! If you're going for a December wedding is it going to be wintery themed? I've always thought that would be soooo magical and like a fairytale wedding!! I think there's a new law just come in, in october that says you can be married in any church now but you may need to get the permission of the priest in your current parish!! We don't live in the parish of our church either but because I grew up there and was christened in the church we should be fine!! Fingers x'd!!

    Elise - whats your ring like?? any pics??

  • I haven't got any pictures of it yet, but its a simple princess cut diamond on a white gold band, a like yours but no diamonds on the side, perfect for me because I dont wear jewellery, very elegant, I do love yours though, beautiful xx
  • Oh yeah thats the dress i like there

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    The dress looks beautiful Elise - and your ring sounds gorgeous too!! We're so lucky aren't we really - we get beautiful rings from our H2B's - we get to plan a wedding and wear a beautiful dress and have the most amazing day of our lives and then get to spend the rest of our lives with our husbands.....I'm so excited!!

    hmmmm think the wine may be getting to me a bit...i'm not normally so mushy I must say!!

    (thats the dress I like!)

  • Thanks yours is georgous too, i love sparkles. We are very lucky, i cant wait very excited too, and because its only one day we have to make the most of it, oh I cant wait, ha ha i miss my rose wine, stopped drinking to help me loose weight. My H2b is working late tomo so may sneak half a bottle in

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