Is anyone else getting conned on wedding dress prices?


i've been trying to find a specific dress for a while and so i've had to shop around. the staff at wedding boutiques are really starting to annoy me. One quoted me £1,200 for my wedding dress and when i said i'd found it cheaper somewhere else she said 'oh, how much cheaper?' and when i told her (about £400 cheaper) she said 'oh yes, sorry, that is the price and if you come to us we can give it to you for £750!'. So if i hadn't of known i could get that dress cheaper else where the cow would have made me pay nearly £500 more than i had to! it's made me suspicious of every bridal boutique i talk to.


  • You it prob only cost them a few hundred punds to make it to, make you laugh.
  • as soon a you mention 'wedding' everything goes up in price, totally ridiculas!im doing lots of things myself as im on really tight budget.
  • what is your budget? ours is small as well, althought we havent really set one it will only be coming in at a few grand at the very most. mainly because me and h2b have been together nearly 5 years and want a small but memorable wedding and are quite daunted at the thought of lots of people, were quite reserved at heart we'd sooner elope!! but have certain family members to please image
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    I wouldn't call it being 'conned'. At the end of the day that's how they make their money, and yes, it is unfair that they mark the prices up so high, but if people are willing to pay it, then why not?

    Make sure you shop around, negotiate, stretch the truth about what you've been offered at other shops and you'll get a better deal.
  • i agree emzlt!! if you say you've been quoted cheaper they will usually always try and do one better. its not for everyone and never thought id do it but i went on ebay just to see what was on there and found a maggie sottero unworn and i got it for £99!! and to top it off its a perfect fit with heels! its worth a look on the off chance you might get lucky, esp if your on a budget image
  • I bought a Mori Lee dress (with tags) on ebay for £35 (+£10 delivery) when on their website it was quoted for £650 :O
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