Hello everyone im new to the forum and fairly newly engaged!

Im 22 and planning our wedding for 2010 xxx


  • Welcome & Congratulations!!!

  • hey miss rainbow!! welcome and good luck with the plans! im 21 and ive been engaged 2 1/2 years but have only just started planning, also for 2010, when in the year are you looking at getting married?! weve picked april 24th because spring is supposed to be the luckiest time to be married...new beginnings and all that.... but im a sucker for superstition lol! you must be so excited image
  • congrats miss rainbow

    good luck with your wedding plans.

    im 22 and getting married in feb 09
  • Many congrats to you miss rainbow and welcome to YAYW! You'll be hooked to the site in no timeimage xx
  • Thanks girls! We met with the vicar last night and have booked the wedding for 28th august 2010! so excited! Looking at hotels over the next 2 weeks to try and find somewhere for the reception! It seems so far away at the moment, i just want to be doing everything now! xxx
  • Congratulations miss rainbow! hope everything goes well, i'm 23 and i'm planning on getting married next year on july 17th! i've been engaged oh about 4 months! but we have been together nearly 4 1/2 yrs and already live together, which really makes the gift list quite difficult!
  • we have the same prob with the gift list we've lived together for 3 years now! people have said about honeymoon donations but i dont want to be cheeky esp as were not going abroad because we have too small children image congrats everyone and hope the plannings going well image
  • hi im 23 and getting married in cyprus in july 09. for our gift list we set up a thomas cook gift list so people can contribute towards it if they wish cos we have lived together for ages
  • hows that working mrs t 2b? ive looked into it and really keen on that idea! x
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    welcome image
  • MrsT! 2B are you Donna? Sorry if your not but someone I know is doing the same thing in Cyprus and in July! Im also new to all this Wedding stuff - have booked the church for June 2010. Vicar thought we were mad doing it so early. Also every venue we go to looks at as like were way early too! I suppose as Im only 22 - and look about 16! xx
  • we booked ours for april 2010 in the church and reception...stuff what everyone else thinks lol! im 21 and also look 16 haha people talk to my mum first rather than me when we go to wedding related appointments! we'll thank them in years to come image
  • Congratulations Miss Rainbow - Im 22 aswell - gettin married on the 5th June 2010. any news on what youve done so far?
  • thank u, well we've booked the church and reception and i actually put a deposit on my dress on saturday! quite soon i know but i love it, and we dont actually have to order it until this time next year!

    how are your plans going?x
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    lol i though at 23 i was old - but happy to see i am still young in one instance ! woo!

    i get married in 160 days - 24th may 2009
  • Hello

    Congratulations, Good Luck for your planning! I am also getting married in 2010! x
  • Hi everyone, im new to the site too (this is my first post), Im 22 and been engaged for 18 months. My h2b and I are planning on getting married in October November 2010. We have decided not to start booking things untill the summer but im hooked on getting ideas and googling. I know it sounds silly but sometimes i get so excited I cant sleep. I think itll settle down tho lol. I just which everything wasnt so expensive bc at the moment we arej ust waiting so we can save money. Hum de dum .... so Hi! :\)
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    Hello! Im a newbie here, i got engaged in April and are panning our wedding for december 2010 when i'll be nearly 21. Anyone want to share ideas? zoe xx
  • welcome girls, you'll be hooked to the site in no time!

    mrs chatfield2b how much have u done so far?

    its all so exciting isnt it! x
  • i think i must be the oldest out of the young brides to be!! i'm 24, got engaged 6 months ago when i was 23. h2b's 24th bday was last week. we are planning on getting married in may 2010. we have looked at some venues but are undecided as yet. i have purchased the most important thing already......my dress!! woop woop!!
  • hi painted ladders! where do u live, its great fun looking at all the venues!

    so whats ur dress like, whos it by? xxxx
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