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I was at home yesterday and was watching Loose women and they were talking about weddings. They were discussing that when they were younger they had gotten married for the wrong reasons. At the time they thought they were in love but now they know it was for sercurity and becuase they wanted a wedding and not a marriage. 1 has never married again and the other got divorced and has found someone else. Its got me a bit owrried and dounting myself.

I know i love my H2B and i know i want to be with him forever. I canot see my life without him and cannot wait to be his wife. But am having some doubt in my mind as to whether maybe i think wrong.....has anyone else had any thoughts like it??

I reckon i am being totally silly but can someone tell me that too?


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    Hi Mrs GDSM D,

    That is a shame that those Loose Women have worried you!!! What are they like...haha!! No but on a serious note hon, don't worry about it. If you know you love your h2b and canot see yourself with anyone else for the rest of your life then whats to worry about?

    If you feel you are ready to commit to that person forever more then you really don't have to worry. I would worry if you felt that actually this is not the life you want for yourself forever more...sometimes, even if you love a person, they might not be the right husband or wife for you! But you clearly do not feel that way so enjoy being engaged and look forward to the day when you can call him your husband!!!

    Good Luck Sweetie x x
  • Hi I am a 2nd time around b2b and I def got married at 23 for the wrong reasons I have to agree with what they are saying. Anyone who has been D at anyage will tell you they didnt know their own mind of course you would say that as its went wrong. I have made both my girls promise to live with boyfirends b4 getting married and not get married unitl late 20's... However my youngest has been with her man since 16 and is so so happy as soon as she finishes uni well... what do mothers know after all of course If she did get married at 23 I would be very happy for her.

    I would like to tell you we have 2 sets of friends who met a school both ladies were 15!!! They are 40 and still together and apart from me and my h2b they are the happiest couples we know.... I think its just a case of you can be really lucky and meet the right guy first... Do you know he the right guy for sure... prob not... would you risk loosing him... def not.... just go for it girl and be happy... live for today... Good luck xx

  • My parents got married when they were 22 and have been married nearly 30 years! my blokes parents got married when there were 18 because they fell pregnant (so not for all the right reasons) but have been married 25 years!! and they r all very happy! so i think it depends on the people! no one knows what the future holds, b ut if your both happy now and feel its right then go for it! how more certain can anyone be!!

  • my parents got married at the age of 22 and have been happily married for 33 years!! I agree with u here comes the bride, noone knows what the future holds!!
  • I know how u feel. I'm at uni (21) and when people find out i'm getting married they're quite often incredulous (giving up your life at 21 etc) however people who know me and my fella all seem to think its the right thing to do. so what do your friends/ family think? The other thing is there was a reason the presenters of loose women were chosen and I think that relates to their previous love lives- a telly programme were people sat around saying how happy they were in their relationships wouldn't be very entertaining.
  • My parents got married at 19 and 20 and have been together since they were 13 and 14. They have been married 34 years. I knew I wasn't ready to get married until a few years ago (I'm 30). Everyone is different xx
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